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Assembly 5/6 Neighbourhood2 Invitation

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aborigOn Tuesday 15th of March, our learning neighbourhood will be showcasing some of our learning at the school assembly.  We have been busy learning about IDENTITY and are highlighting people who have lost their IDENTITY. We are looking at issues such as the Stolen Generation, Reconcilliation and the Dreaming.

#####We are also mentioning the 1965 “Freedom Ride and Sam and Joe’s Mum sent us this link.

                                     THANK-YOU  Ann

Which reminds me, if any parents have any particular expertise in any of of  Inquiry projects, please feel free to share your knowledge with our class.


  1. Sheldon says:

    Hey, you’re not alone!
    Even german students today have to learn what happened to the Aboriginal people.
    I don’t remember having heard about the stolen generation in school. This topic has to be new in the german curriculum.
    Marvin Hanisch published his 53 page paper – at grin publishing. Its written in english and got an A!
    For all who want to know about the stolen generation here is the source: and more about it

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