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Malthouse Theatre Excursion: Student Post: Ana

AMpSat, 23 Jun 2012 00:30:21 -040030Saturday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog   

On the 22nd of June the costume and set design group went on an excursion to the Malthouse Theatre to see how a show is run. We were told what roles were needed for a production to run successfully and what skills were needed to be part of a production.

We looked at some scale models of set designs for different plays. We were told about the process of making a set design. The set design has to fit in with the play and the costumes.

We also looked at some of the costume designs and the costumes have to also fit in with the mood of the play.

We learnt about the different rooms used at a theatre. The Green roomis where the actors can chill out, get a snack or have a little rest. The dressing room is where the actors get dressed and ready for the play. The wardrope room is where the costumes are made ans stored.

Some of the people at the theatre told us how they came to be working in the theatre. The excursion was fun and I’m sure everyone that went learnt something important. Ana


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