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Visual and Digital Literacy

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The previous four posts have amazing digital photographs from the “Literacy Shed” website which can be found if you scroll down and look for the badge on the right hand side.

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”! In our society, we are being constantly bombarded by visual messages through non-print media such as television and the Internet. The term Visual Literacy,therefore, refers to the ability to understand and produce visual messages. Learning experiences which allow students to think critically about how images convey meaning should be essential inclusions in classroom literacy programs.

In the next few weeks students will develop visual literacy skills as they explore some wonderful picture books intended for an older audience.In particular, by focusing on the illustrations in Picture Books and the clever illustrators who create them students will:

  • gain a greater understanding of the relationship between text and illustrations
  • explore and interpret ideas, themes and issues expressed visually in picture book texts
  • identify and understand the use of point of view; cause and effect; symbolism; stereotype ; and mood in picture books.
  • develop an awareness of the role of an illustrator and how the illustrations of a text are constructed to achieve their purpose
  • explore the media and illustrative techniques used by illustrators to render their messages in visual texts



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