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Should kids have to do homework in primary school?


  1. Matilda says:

    I think that grade 6’s should get a little homework to prepare them for high school as I have only really had homework in grade 3/4 and I feel that if we are foing to high school with homework every night then we should probably be a little morr prepared.

  2. Nick says:

    I think that primary school children should do homework to teach them more and prepare them for high school. Although preps/reception should not because they wouldn’t understand what to do

  3. Micah says:

    I think that schools should have homework because when you get to high school you get slammed in the face with it all and you should be prepared for it. There is one condition though, It shouldn’t be to hard. Make it simple and slowly harder. That way they will be ready for high school.

  4. Roy says:

    Yes kids should have to do homework in primary school or else they will freak out once they get to highschool. And thats when you do get homework, its hard.

  5. Sam says:

    I strongly agree that children at any school should do homework. If we do homework, that means that we can do more at school and learn a lot more and become smarter. ‘The Future is in The Hands Of The Children!’

  6. Nic says:

    I think homework is good because it teaches kids good organisational skills & it shows who needs extra help with stuff.

  7. Betty and Ana says:

    I think that homework is good because when you are doing something at school you can practice and repeat something that you are doing at home. You can get better at that subject if you get homwork and practice at home. Not too much, just a little.

    I think that homework is bad and should be banned because Some people are usually to busy to attend to that piece of paper and start writing. And also some people go to other schools out of school for their country and cant be bothered to do two sets homework.

  8. Alice and Anjali says:

    No because, If kids are struggling in a subject it should be our own responsibility to do some extra work at home on whatever we are struggling with so it is more fun for us which, will incourage us to learn. Also this will help us be prepared for high school.

    By Alice and Anjali

  9. George says:

    I think that we shouldn’t have homework at primary school because its pushing us before high school and we get all strested before high school.

  10. Simona & Olympia says:

    We think there should be homework in school but only in 56 because kids need to get used to it for high school. If it start with a little bit of homework at the start of year 5 and then it get gradually more work so that you are ready for high school.
    Simona and Olympia

  11. Holly says:

    No because it is much more important to do homework in high school than primary school because in high school you are closer to university and the work is much harder. But in primary school it’s like the beginning and you don’t need to do it and if you want to do homework you can use your inishative and learn from home the subjects that you want to learn about.

  12. George says:

    I think that we shouldn’t have homework at primary school because its pushing us before high school and we get all strested before high school.

  13. M says:

    I think there should be more homework because if you don’t do it in the future you might become homeless and have no jobs. More homework in primary schools will help you for high school and make really really hard tests into a very easy test. More homework will help you to win scholarships for your parents so they have a discount on the school fee.

  14. Seb and Aiden says:


    I think that homework is a bad idea for our school. Three reasons

    1. This school is working pretty well without that much homework.
    2. My dog might eat my homework!
    3. I am a kid and I natrually don’t want more work.


    To be honest, I think that homework should be essential in primary schools. Because it is a great way to prepare for high school, and other learning aspects as well.

  15. Ava and Salma says:

    NO! We think that we shouldnt be doing homework because alot of kids already get presured already!

  16. Theo-George says:

    We have enough work why give us more? Homework can keep us awake in the late hours of the night it puts stress on us when we need sleep. We need some personal time to do the things we like doing as well.

  17. Emma & Katrina says:

    Emma says:
    I think that we should have homework in primary school, just 30-45 minutes a day, but not heaps for example 3 hours, because the child will not have time for anything and will lose his childhood time. It is also good because if he does not understand the lesson at school he might learn it better at home.

    Katrina says:
    I think homework in primary school is needed, because next year we will be going into high school and it will be a shock for us because we will get a ton of homework and will have no idea how to handle it. Plus if we do have homework in primary school, then we can learn to organise our things better.

  18. Marcus says:

    I strongly believe that we should have home work because it helps you get better at things you struggle at.

  19. Tom says:

    I think that homework shouldn’t be compulsary at primary schools because they would: 1. Find it hard to concentrate with all their toys silently beckoning them and 2. Most young children think school at home is a violation of the natural world! (crazy isn’t it).

  20. Hugo and Digory says:

    We think that you should not have to do homework because it would stop you from doing the things that you are good at therefore stopping you from achieving in life.

  21. Joe says:

    I think home work should be encoraged at schools all around the world. If a child is struggling at school work, they can go home and improve on certain tasks while at some schools, they do not have a say on what they work on. At our school however, the children do get a say but it is good anyway to practise. Also, children should always be learning new things. Anyway, the class should be doing their learning agreement at home…

  22. Poppy & Payam says:

    Poppy: I believe only year 6 should have homework becuase we have it in year 7 so we will be needing some practice before we go into highschool and do HEAPS of homoework. <3 🙂

    Payam: I think that it wouldn't hurt to do a bit of homework since we are in grade 5/6 and most other primary schools do homework, for example my neighbour has to do a different project every week and she is in grade 3.

  23. Poppy & Payam says:

    Yes I believe that we should have homework becuase year 6 have highschool and in highschool we get LOTS of homework and we will need practice. 🙂 <3

    i think that a bit of homework wouldn't hurt because we are in grade 5/6. also my neighbour is in grade 3 and she has to do a different project on the body every week.

  24. Viarne says:

    YES: I strongly belive that doing homework will help children develope skills that they are going to have to use when they too go to high school. I think 1 hour of homework a night will be a perfect amount of time, and if they do 3 hours the children will not hav time to enjoy their social life.
    NO: Because most children learn what they need to know in everyday life because they are exposed to other people.

  25. Lilli and monique says:

    I think there should be homework because it will get kids prepared for high school so when they go they are confident and know they have done it before. Doing homework will also help kids with their learning skills and the subject they may not be as strong with. Doing homework will also help kids with their inderpendince and organisation by just having to get the work done on time.

  26. Isabel and Jasmine says:

    We think that homework is not a good thing to imply on primary school kids. Here are a few reasons why; during primary school a lot of children are very keen to work on finding out what there hobbies and talents are and then nurturing them for instance both of us play a few instruments Isabel plays Flute and cello and Jasmine plays violin and we both play piano. We both started these instruments either during or before primary school. We think that homework shouldn’t be necessary in these early years; it means extracurricular activities can be hard to manage. By Jasmine & Isabel.

  27. Juffer (Teacher in SA) says:

    Hi there my Australian friends! I have just read our comments on my blog and the translations worked well!
    I like this topic – as a teacher :o) Keep well and pop in any time.

    * Teacher in SA

  28. Muna says:

    Year 6s should because when they get to high school they will start getting homework.They should get prepared 🙂
    By Muna

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