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Our Change Inquiry (Parents)

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Today all Grade 5/6 students participated in 5 workshops designed to spark curiosity and wonderings into aspects of change. From these workshops, students will have opportunities to pursue and investigate areas that they are passionate about.

Tony: Science (Change of State)

Meredith: Media and Communication

Anne: The Arts

Mike: Environmental Change

Tim: Social Change

Eighteen of our Grade 6 students are in the process of organising the Grade 6 Graduation. This will be their project and they will be working through a Guide To Action model: Simple Steps Towards Change.

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  1. Simona says:

    I am a a year 6 and I am apart of the year 6 graduation group. The graduation put together a graduation for all the year sixes (2012) and creates a night to never forget. I am apart of the after party group and we organise and create an after party, I have another 3 people in my group that are called Monique, Ellen and Nina. We are now starting the project.

    Simona 🙂

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