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Orientation Day: Princes Hill Secondary College (Student Post)

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Yesterday, Betty and I went to our Orientation day at Princes Secondary College. In the morning we were told what form we would be in for next year. Emma and I are in the same form next year. We only have 27 children going to the same high school as us and the rest are from other schools.

After we got told which form we are in, we had the locker discussion. The high school lockers have these really tricky combinations. Most people had trouble, but after the teachers helped us and showed us how to do it, some kids started to get it a bit more. During the day, we did photography, Italian, science, English and homeroom. In science we did 5 experiments. In English we had to write a story and share it. In photography, we used photo booth and made oil paint pictures on the macs. In Italian, we learnt a lot about Italy and the cities in it. Other classes had other subjects like ceramics, drama, music and more. At lunch time we had a sausage sizzle and a drink.

The day was really good and we enjoyed it a lot.

Emma and Betty


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