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Orientation Day: University High School (Student Post)

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On the 11th of December Poppy and I went to our Orientation Day at University High School.

We started the day off by meeting all the year 7s for 2013 in a hall and we got to see a video on the transition into University High School.

Then we got into our home groups and met our year 7s that we would spend the next couple of years with.
Everyone was nervous at first but once we got to know each other it was fun. We made friends with a girl called Karen and she was also nice. The whole class was very friendly and we all played games and got along. We were accompanied by a group of year 9 students they were very funny.

At lunch we all got a sausage, juice box and an Icy Pole and meet more year 7’s. It was awesome (we could also get seconds).

The School was a very big one and it was very easy to get lost. Once we got the hang of were things were we were all trying to get lost on purpose.

Overall the day was an awesome one. YAY J J J

By Poppy and Ana


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