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Genius Hour: Student Responses

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What are your thoughts about our first Genius Hour?


  1. ruli and george says:

    Genius hour is fun. I made a power point.

  2. jack joel dathan says:

    We think genius is fantastic. you get so much freedom

  3. Alice and Anjali says:

    I loved genuis hours because it gave us the freedom for us to choose what we love and are compassionate about. I am looking forward to doing another genuis hour next week. – Alice and Anjali.

  4. Oisin+Etienne says:

    We thought genuis hour was awesome because we don’t have to be told what to do [:

  5. sasha & lucy says:

    genius hour is really fun because learn about your passions and what you love

  6. Eleanor and Harry ^_^ says:

    We think genius hour is fun and there is a lot of choice for the students.
    we really enjoy it :).

  7. Fin and Caleb says:

    genius hour was fun and cool because we got to choose our own inquiry instead of the teachers choosing it.

  8. Daniel & Charles says:

    We think that genius hour is awesome because we can choose what we want to do as a project and we have a lot of fun in genius hour.

  9. George, Theo and Alec says:

    We think that Genius hour is very imaginitive and creative to learn. You can explore in your intrest and passions, we all think it is great.

  10. Massimo & Leo says:

    i think geneus hour is fun because it is very creative

  11. Hugo Jordan says:

    I like genius hour because you got to choose what to do instead of the teachers telling you.-Jordan

    I like genius hour because you can search for whatever you want without the teachers telling you

  12. Hugo and Digory says:

    We really like the freedom of choice involved in genius hour. The down side being that you only have one week to complete it. The frustrating side it that your brain is bursting with idaes…

  13. Viarne, Lilli and Montana says:

    We absolutly love Genius Hour because it gives all the students freedom and they can research and do a project on their passions. Genius Hour is really fun because we get to do what we’re interested in and not always what the teachers want to do. We also love how the projects are short and sharp. xxxx Viarne, Lilli and Montana ….

  14. Luisa says:

    The genius hours time is sheer brilliance! I can’t wait to learn about all the different interests and skills that children of eleven and twelve have. This will be a very exciting year of learning for all of us! Meredith,your incredible enthusiasm for this method of communicating (blogging…or blobbing as the preps were apt to say at the beginning of last year:) is brilliant and infective. I’m glad that I will be able to learn more about these technologies as your share your knowledge with such exuberence.

  15. Olivia & Charlotte says:

    We think genius hour is good because we get to explore our passions and interests.

  16. Holly and Sascha says:

    We think thast genius hour is really good because it gives us lots of choice and we learn more when we’re learning about our passion. – Holly and Sascha

  17. quade kiet says:

    the two project that we are working on are doing great, and it is soon presentation day so were so nervous and exited at the same time and i hope we do well!

  18. Lucien Aleksei says:

    we think genius hour is awesome because we get lots of freedom to show our passions.

  19. Tilly and Alex says:

    We really enjoy genius hour because we got to choose what we want to research and it was any format that we wanted to be.

  20. Lily and Alia says:

    Genius Hour is a wonderful way to express yourself through learning! You get to learn about things that you are passionate about and you have a great time making your projects. You are able to present your learning in any way that you like. Genius Hour is overall, a great learning experience in which you can do whatever you desire!

  21. Seb and Alexander says:

    We really enjoy Genius Hour because we get to research what
    we’re passionate about instead of something we might find boring.
    It’s also quite quick which is good because there is no sitting around.

  22. Stefan and Kai says:

    We think genius hour is a really good time for kids to express them selves and there passions. We love genius because we get to do our passions with out the teachers telling us what to do.

  23. Jordan Jax says:

    Genius hour is really fun because you get to do any project you want and display your project any way you want. -Jordan
    Genius hour is really cool because you can do any project you like and u learn a lot from it. – Jax

  24. isaac & lana says:

    I think genius hour is good for the students because the students get to pick there own projects.Genius hour is good because you get to find new things about your passions.

  25. Sara and Najma says:

    I enjoy genius hour because you can feel free to do a project on things you really want to learn about. I also think it is really fun – Sara

    I like genis hour because you feel free to do something – najma

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