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Neighbourhood 5/6 Sharing Their Learning at Assembly. (Student Post)

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 In the last few weeks, all the grade 5/6 students have been participating in Genius Hour.

GH is a personal inquiry time where students are free to investigate something they are passionate about.  It’s a time for discovery, curiosity, creativity and thinking.

Students have 2 hours in class time to complete their personal inquiry but they can also use some of their L.A time or home learning time.  On Fridays students have to present their GH inquiry to their peers.

We have all enjoyed learning from others and there has been lots of positive feedback from students and parents.

On Tuesday we heard about eight Genius Hour projects.

Sascha: Computers and How They Work.

George: The Evolution of Cars.

Tilly: The Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

Lilli: The History of Looney Tunes Characters

Eloise: Japanese Flower Meanings

Hugo: Favourite Animals

Viarne: The History Of Microphones

Michael: The Deadliest Snakes

We made an iMovie trailer using the app iMovie on Meredith’s iPad. We went around the classroom taking photos of people working on their “Genius Hour” project and put it into the iMovie. We also took some short movies to put in too.

                            Holly and Alice


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