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Fashion Factories (Student Responses)

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Hundreds of people were killed when a factory collapsed in Bangladesh recently. Bosses told staff they had to work in the building even though the owner had been told it was unsafe. The factory made clothes for some well-known fashion brands. So why do we make so many of our clothes overseas? (Thanks BTN)

What are your thoughts about fashion factories?


  1. Hugo O'Toole says:

    I think they make all our clothes overseas because maybe Australia isn’t the best at making clothes and maybe other countries are better and have got better factories for making clothes.

  2. Stefan and Michael j says:

    Well i think fashion factorys are quiet dangerous because they might explode and cause many deaths and injurys to the workers because some machines there might overload. Michaels thoughts are that fashion factorys in my opinuon are not needed we shoud spend factory money on food and other useful supplies all in all i don,t think we really need fashion factorys.

  3. alec says:

    Ithink the person who was the boes shode of gorn to prison eny way because some of the werkers where slaves but even wers distroying your oen bildings even wers,so he shod be put in a big hole in the grownd for ever.

  4. Fin Borland Zammit says:

    I reackon that it is wrong to have fashion factories because alot of them are unsafe and they get very little money for the cloths they make and over here it costs alot more.

  5. Michael L says:

    I think that this act should be stopped because it is just killing people. It doesn’t help anyone.
    Firstly, people are trying to make money but to risk their lives for it at the same time. That’s fair. Then it is as bad as blackmail.
    Secondly, they are being tricked because their boss had said before hand that it was safe but then this happens. People die. I know this is an unfair world but still this is horrible.
    Lastly, crushing people with a building and getting money because they worked for you then get killed by the building that they worked in is just bad.

  6. Jarrah says:

    I think fashion is not very good these days and overpriced. Meaning no offence to the workers who died in that factory

  7. Viarne, Lilli and Muna says:

    This is one of the saddest stories we have ever heard of. We recently have overheard convosations about this subject and people have said that over 600 young girls died 🙁

  8. Lucien and Theo says:

    Our thoughts on fashion are that we dont really care unless it is on a special day. Like a birthday or a wedding.

  9. julia says:

    major fasion brand shouldnt make their workers work in unsafe conditions.
    i strongly dissagree to the statment that nobody whas notified of the obvios cracks in the wallls and celling.

  10. Seb says:

    I believe that these factories or sweat shops are horrible and rip-off all their workers with low income pay.

    The only positive thing about sweat shops is they provide lots of available jobs. Even though the workers families live very poor lives.

    I, However am still not in favour of this type of work, all products should come from an origin that gives employees the income they deserve.

  11. kiet pham says:

    They should let the well know brands make there own clothes.

  12. isaac sm says:

    I think that every factory in the world should have a licence to stand for safety reasons cause as you saw on btn about the many woman who have been killed because of how they tread expectations and to myself I feel very sorry for them.

  13. youli says:

    i think that fashion factories are really bad because they are not always safe and they sometimes are very unhealthy and i don’t really worry about fashion.

  14. Maxim says:

    I think That Austrlia Should have there own factories, It Is Not Really Fair!

  15. isaac shep says:

    I think that the boss that owned the factory should of
    one payed his employees more
    two given his workers safer work places
    three talked to the government about what they think I mean he didn’t what to do it he was being payed be the government
    thats why i think about the fashion factories

  16. Oliver Panozzo/Dathan Marsh/Jordan R says:

    We think that the people who make our clothes should get paid more.

    They don’t get paid much money so they are poor.

  17. Daniel and Liem says:

    (Daniel)Before companys order clothes they should go to the area and check if it is a workable area.

    (Liem)I think the worker’s should get payed more at the factories.

  18. Olivia says:

    They are bad because the workers don’t chose to be there

  19. Lachie says:

    I think that people that work at a fashion factories should get paid more and that the factories should be checked every month so that it does not fall down.

  20. Joel, Jack and Ezekiel says:

    We think people working in clothes factories should be paid 20 an hour until they’ve been payed enough money for their family and everyday life. Joel: I think they should make the buildings more comfertable and safe. Ezekiel: I think that the people working at the factory should get paid more, comfertable seats, and comfort food that reminds them of home. Jack: I think that workers should be given more money, comfit and family time.

    that is why we think that people working in cloths factories should be given more money.

  21. Quade Ecke says:

    I think that most clothes should not be man made because it is giving some people a hard time and they are not earning a lot of money and factories can work a lot faster.

  22. Ruli+Hugo says:

    It depends on the colors and stuff. And it also depends on whats in style and all that.

  23. atlanta and olivia says:

    people dont deserve to make hundreds of clothes a day in unsafe enviroments and only getting paid 20 cents an hour. (besides we should be able to make our own clothes- olivia)

  24. alex says:

    overseas fashion factories are horrible,with low wages,long hours,dangerous conditions and difficult work,these places are unacceptable.we buy the product for roughly twenty times more than the workers are paid in a day ,plus they’re probably supporting a whole family!to allow the fashion industry to continue exploiting people overseas at 20 cents an hour is out of the question!

  25. Seamus says:

    Workers Need to be paid a fair wage to live and survive on if fashion factories are to be used. Safe work conditions are also needed to avoid terrible tragedies like in Bangladesh. I think that work should be given to the fashion factories because it gives jobs to people in developing countries, but only if they are treated fairly

  26. Alia says:

    Fashion factories in developing countries place the employees under pressure and they could also be working in an unsafe building or area. This has been proven by the recent building collapse in Bangladesh and has opened the eyes to thousands of people who are the consumers of the companies they were working for. Even though this revelation is wonderful, this shouldn’t have been happening in the first place. In Australia, the minimum for factory workers is $16 per hour. However, in China, the minimun is $1.10 per hour, in India $0.20 per hour and Bangladesh $0.10 per hour. Now is the time to start fighting for fair trade and it might be cheaper than you think. Most T-shirts at Kmart for example, cost around $15. That means the company gets a LOT of profit. If that changed, then we might still have the same price T-shirts but that just means that Kmart will get less money.

  27. Harry Sarah says:

    I think that all clothe factories should be payed at least 10$ an hour, more countries should help more clothe factories pay people in poor countries and stop being so concerned and interested in there own country and try and help more countries with people who can’t buy food or water. Clothe factories should be payed by country to country we can’t help because we choose not to! Stand out!

  28. Mia says:

    I think the people in fashion factories should be paid more and the working conditions should be improved. Because it is a wast of money Because the building collapsed and in this case it collapsed on people and that corsed DEAF!!! in some countries you would get sentenced to DEAF for doing that.

  29. Claire says:

    I think that it is not right to make lots of clothes over seas and only pay 20 cents an hour.

    Firstly, many workers would not have time for family and friends and would be poor and starved because they are unable to support and protect their families properly.

    Secondly, to get payed 20 cents an hour in poor working conditions is a very raw deal and should not be done anywhere for the lives that are at stake are worth more then money. Nothing no matter how expensive or how priceless or delicate can replace the lives of the men and women who die. You can never bring back the dead.

    I’m sure that everyone is clear about the danger and I hope that I shall never again hear that peoples lives are lost this way.

  30. Seb S. says:

    Do you ever think of where you’re clothes come from? Some of them are made in Bangladesh, where the workers get payed 20c an hour to work on them. The fact that a building collapsed there recently made people notice the bad conditions they have to work in too. I think that the workers in developing countries should get payed more, and business owners should pay to make the buildings safe. This would not mean that we have to pay more for clothes in Australia; it would only mean that Australian shops would get less of a profit.

  31. Orlando M says:

    I believe that the big brands shold be able to make clothes in big factories but they should not force people to work there if they do not want to or if there is a security risk to their health and safety.

  32. Kai says:

    I think that our clothes are made overseas because there better at making clothes and have better material.

  33. nikki says:

    it is sad that the factory collapsed and i think that the people should be payed more. now i have a second thought about the cothes i buy/wear.

  34. Sascha says:

    I strongly believe worker need to be paid more money than $0.50 because they obviously work very hard. Also because most clothes are made in different places and barly any are made in austraila. Just because no cothes are made in austrila doesnt mean we are bad. Everyone is good at there own things.

  35. salma says:

    I think that these people should get payed alot more money because if they don’t get payed more then the bills they won’t be able to pay and the food and other things in life. So pay them more or don’t use them at all. Children that do this for Australia and other contouries these children are missing out on thier education and other things they were ment to do of there lifes and over 600 girls died sad story.

  36. Ava says:

    I strongly believe that people that work at factories should be payed alot more than they are. People need to feed there family and pay bills, and with that money they cant do so.

  37. Jordan.P says:

    I think we make so many cloths overseas is properly because they have resources and more people so it gets done quicker and more gets done.

  38. Seb D says:

    Unfair. They should get paid more,since they make some of our clothes. The people ship them over to k-mart and target and things like that.

  39. payam and montana and whinne the pooh says:

    I think we just wear clothes carelessly without thinking about who made it and what they get from making it. I think we need to step up a little bit and do something about it. It’s just not fair for others.

    I think that the government should make sure that the buildings are safe and if they have any worries that the building is not safe they should warn the workers.

  40. Maya says:

    fashion factories are a very strange idea because it’s a lot of money to ship all the clothes to other countries and the clothes and stuff get sold cheap and all the shops lose money. why not just have factories in australia then it will be a lot less money for everything. I definitely think that, although it doesn’t really affect me, all these fashion factories aren’t such a good idea. people aren’t really gonna pay that much for a t-shirt right? so whats the point of having clothes shipped to australia?

  41. Andrew L says:

    to me, fashion factory’s are dangerous and other ones to because if some thing goes wrong then everything goes wrong and the fashion factory is probably to weak legs.

  42. Jospeh and Massimo and Dante says:

    i think that fashion factories should get paid more money because they work 8 or 10 hours a day and they earn 50 cents an hour how dumb is that

  43. Jude says:

    I think that it is so unfair that people in Countries like India,Bangladesh and China. Everyone used not buy clothes all the time and donate to people in the countries that get paid 0.20 or 1.10 an hour because while you’re living a happy life people around India are not having a good life and suffering and they need money so that’s my opinon about Factories in India and Bangladesh (etc) .

  44. Clancy says:

    I think clothing companies should produce there goods in the country they are based in and they should not do cheap laber and doing it in unsafe conditions.

  45. Jax says:

    I think people who work at fashion factories should get payed more, work in a safe environment and be happy at there work.

  46. Andrew L says:

    I think that makeup testing on animals is not OK because some makeup could be harmful and injure or torture the animal when testing. Plus how would we like it if they tested poisonous makeup on us, would we like it?

    In the olden days the makeup was more poisonous than now and they say that the makeup was more dangerous because they did not test them and the makeup factories were not as safe as now.

    By Andrew Liang

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