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  1. BTN Student Responses

    AMpTue, 21 May 2013 03:30:32 -040030Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Scorpions are arachnids so they’re more closely related to spiders. Now even if you’re one of those people who donít mind creepy crawlies you probably wouldn’t want to pop one of them in your mouth. But eating bugs isn’t as rare as you might think and a new report says it could be the food of the future.† (Thanks BTN)

    Use your imagination and†create a†gourmet meal using insects!

    What are your thoughts about this news report?


    Entree: Spaghetti with napoli sauce, pickled scorpions and grasshoppers

    Mains: Earth worm steak with scorpion sauce and veggies

    Desser:t Cockroach flavoured ice cream with chocolate covered grubs

    I thought that BTN segment with bugs in it was kinda gross because I hate bugs. I think that part with the kids trying the bugs was even more gross because you didnít know what their reaction was going to be, but when they ate the bugs, they liked them!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Sara (Great blog response)

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