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Scorpions are arachnids so they’re more closely related to spiders. Now even if you’re one of those people who don’t mind creepy crawlies you probably wouldn’t want to pop one of them in your mouth. But eating bugs isn’t as rare as you might think and a new report says it could be the food of the future.  (Thanks BTN)

Use your imagination and create a gourmet meal using insects!

What are your thoughts about this news report?


Entree: Spaghetti with napoli sauce, pickled scorpions and grasshoppers

Mains: Earth worm steak with scorpion sauce and veggies

Desser:t Cockroach flavoured ice cream with chocolate covered grubs

I thought that BTN segment with bugs in it was kinda gross because I hate bugs. I think that part with the kids trying the bugs was even more gross because you didn’t know what their reaction was going to be, but when they ate the bugs, they liked them!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Sara (Great blog response)


  1. Stefan says:

    The food of the future are scorpions wow that is a bit surprising because I never heard of anything like that. I wonder how that food is going to taste like it is kind of weird anyway.

  2. Joseph, Fin And Dante says:

    Fin: A good meal should be insect chips instead of hot chips.
    Joe: A good meal would be crunchy beetles not crunchy nuts.
    Dante: A good meal would be worms dipped in hot sugar sauce instead gummy worms.

  3. George.w says:

    Popcorn with beetles and other bugs so they squash when you eat them in your mouth ewwwwww.

  4. Maxim says:

    I Think Having Bugs On Your Food, Is Like Eating Hot Mussy Apple.

  5. Seb D says:

    I think that Turtle stew with ants and dragonflies would be a good gourmet food. It is also imaginative.

  6. Ayden.T says:

    Why are bugs so disgusting there actaully cool well most of them…

    Also they are a survival food if your stranded in the desert and all you had was bugs and they also are nuetrisional and still are food.

    Bye barry out 😀

  7. Andrew L says:

    I think that eating insects is mostly a last resort thing to eat because that once you are in the forest you can not find food and the easiest food to find

  8. isaac s says:

    i think that caterpillar roast chips and wedgies would taste awesome.i think that we should start thinking about the future.I think that this is just a classic example.

  9. via says:

    i don’t think people should eat insects

  10. Jarrah says:

    I think that eating bugs can’t be that bad. I mean people actually EAT them actually, stuff that its disgusting

  11. Harry & Oisin says:

    We think bugs could be a meal for many people and maybe we should eat them all over the world but check them for poison germs and infection, it could be a life saver to many countries that are starving and being killed all over the world should we accept bugs as food?
    Would vegetarians think other wise :s

  12. Theo and Digory says:

    We don’t think people should eat bugs but they can if they want to. Also people might have diseases in them. The thing about bug sushi is that you eat the hole bug but when you have salmon sushi you eat part of a fillet and also some bugs eat poo and you don’t want to eat that.

  13. Georgie says:

    We defiantly should not eat insects because the majority of insects are poisones or dangerous(but some are just revolting). If we were to eat insects we would be putting our lives in danger.

  14. lucy says:

    i think that if your poor that its not a bad thing to eat bugs but only if you have to. because if they keep you alive and they could be quite good for you. but if your really rich i would not eat any unless your a vegan and you like weird food.

  15. kerem and orlando says:

    I think nobody should have to eat bugs anywhere in the world.
    Every body should be able to eat the same things like pasta or bread.
    Bugs are not very healthy or yummy.
    Thats why we think you should not eat bugs.

  16. Kai says:

    centialid (centipide/salad) spidgetty (spider/spegetty) bugaget (bug/bagget)

  17. isaac shep says:

    i will eat kangaroo pig i will eat snake. if i have to scorpions and possibly worms so a future were you eat them it wil be a brease

  18. Seamus says:

    I think that eating bugs or any meats is sickening and that kiling animals is cruel and their life is just as valuable as humans and any other animals.

  19. lucas z and camel camel c (callum done it) says:

    i think that it is an ok idea to eat bugs (i would not do it myself) but it is a good idea and if we stop it then lots of cultures will lose there gourmet dish

    my dish is a sausage roll that is made of 45% bugs 45% pastry 10% preservatives

  20. mrman101 says:

    I think you can eat what ever you what but if the whole world has a crises and there is no more fruit, vegetables and meat the ever one might eat insects and stuff like that but right now I wouldn’t like to eat insects and stuff like that.

  21. Lachie says:

    I think that people should be aloud to eat what ever they want to eat but in a global disaster and there was no more fruit, vegetables, poultry and meat then most people would eat insects and other things like that but I still won’t eat insects.

  22. Bella says:

    I think that you should not eat insects unless you really have to because…..
    1.You could catch the wrong insect and then get poisoned when you eat it.
    2.If you are allergic and eat a bee or other insect you may die.
    3.How would you like it if you were pulled out of your home and thrown in a pot to be eaten.
    But i do agree that it is a good why to help world poverty as long as it is only done when needed.

  23. Muna says:

    I wouldn’t eat bugs as a everyday food but If i had to try one I would. I can see that they look disgusting but you don`t now how they look or taste inside bugs and insects. In poor country`s they might eat bugs and insects because that don`t have any other things. If you think about it it has protein and vitamins and that`s good for you. For those people that say that there disgusting I recommend you to try one and see how it feels for those poor people.know one knows in the future if more people are going to eat bugs and insects By Muna Farah.

  24. scarlett says:

    I would make
    tempura grasshopper and spiders,
    cocktail of PAP {processed arachnid protein} and fruit
    bug burger of cockroaches
    and a salad with deep fried spider legs.

  25. Claire says:

    Roasted Scorpion Sushi

    – scorpions
    – lots of rice
    – lots of seaweed
    – wasabi (optional)
    – anything else you might want to add (optional)
    – soy sauce (optional)

    – rice cooker
    – sushi roller
    – good-sized container
    – stove
    – pan
    – tiny bowl x2 *
    – knife (optional)
    – chopping board (optional)

    1. roast the scorpions in a pan on a stove
    2. cook the rice in the rice cooker
    3. place the sushi roller spread out on a table
    4. take a bit of the sushi and spread it on the sushi roller
    5. spread a good amount of rice on the seaweed
    6. take the roasted scorpions (make sure that it is roasted properly or it will not taste as good) and spread them out on top of the rice
    7. place whatever else you would like onto the scorpions and rice but do not touch the wasabi or soy sauce
    8. hold the edge of the sushi mat and roll over onto itself so that the sushi is round or square or however you prefer it.
    9.** take the sushi off of the sushi roller and place it on a chopping board
    10.** get the knife and cut the sushi into pieces
    11. repeat steps 1-10** until desired amount of sushi is made
    12. place sushi in container with soy sauce and wasabi in bowls
    13. ENJOY!

    * only take out tiny bowls if you want to have soy sauce and/or wasabi
    ** steps 9-10 are there only if you have the knife and chopping board and only if you desire to have the sushi cut up

  26. Viarne, Ava and Sascha says:

    We think that the thought of eating bugs is absolutely revolting. But then again we haven’t tried them. If eating bugs is for survival reasons then we definitely think it would be a priority.
    1 tbl of crushed red ladybugs
    1 tbl of crushed yellow ladybugs
    1 tbl of spider blood
    1 tbl of boiled blue winged butterfly juice
    3 squashed caterpillars

  27. Jordan.P says:

    I think it would be nice to try bugs because some bugs are more healthy than meat,milk and orange. We should all try even 1 bug to see how they are. There are all different types like chocolate covered crickets.

  28. Jax and monte says:

    We should eat more bugs because they are more heathy than normal food we eat. They also look nice like chocolate coated crickets and roasted scorpion.

  29. Kiet, Daniel, Charles says:

    (Daniel)I think that having bugs for breakfast, lunch and tea would taste a bit disgusting but if it was to save a cow i would eat bugs.

    (Kiet)I think that they might be tasty but they shouldn’t tell you that they have bugs in it.

    (Charles)I don’t think I could ever like bugs but I might eat them if I had to.

  30. Seb says:

    I Will NEVER Eat Bugs.
    My Dish Would be a quarter pounder worm burger grilled with some lettuce, tomato and bug blood.



  31. Hugo W. The boss says:

    I think that it should be choice. If someone wants to eat bugs, then lets them, its there decision and who are we to stop him.

  32. Alexander A says:

    I believe we should start eating bugs/insects but not straight away.

    At the moment we’re coping without eating insects, but I believe it’s necessary to start.

    Firstly, as the world population grows, we are going to have more people to feed. It seems sensible to increase our variety of ‘everyday food’ so that we can cater for everyone. If we start eating insects now, it will delay world hunger.

    Also, insects are easier to gather/find/farm. As noted on BTN, insects require less feed than other animals we eat (e.g. cows).

    I understand some people wouldn’t eat insects at first, but it can start with 1 bug a week, and grow from there.

    So in conclusion, I believe we should start eating insects- wether it be every week or every day.

  33. Sara F says:

    Spaghetti with napoli sauce, pickled scorpions and grasshoppers

    Earth worm steak with scorpion sauce and veggies

    Cockroach flavoured ice cream with chocolate covered grubs

    I thought that BTN segment with bugs in it was kinda gross because I hate bugs. I think that part with the kids trying the bugs was even more gross because you didn’t know what their reaction was going to be, but when they ate the bugs, they liked them!!!!!!!!!

  34. Seb.D+Ruli says:

    We think that Roasted Pheasant stuffed with caterpillars and meal worms would be sufficient as a gourmet food. The news report on the other hand, we thought it was really accurate at what they were trying to get through. It was really weird for us seeing people eating bugs. We don’t think we would eat bugs, however how good they are for you.

  35. Maddie says:

    I have never had a bug so I am not sure

  36. Oliver Panozzo says:

    I think that we should be able to chose what we want to eat because then so people can have bugs if they want to and other people can eat what they would eat.

  37. Ezekiel says:

    I hate the thought of LIVE bugs in my mouth, crawling everywhere in my mouth, but dead bugs, especially when someone else has been eating them for years, and has not died of poison, than I don’t mind.

  38. Future Ayden Time (2014) says:

    Wow cant believe I am in year 6 now (I think my comment was the best :D)

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