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The vaccination debate has hit the headlines again after some politicians suggested a plan to allow childcare centres to ban kids who haven’t been vaccinated. At the same time figures were released that show immunisation rates in some parts of New South Wales have hit record lows. (Thanks BTN)


Should childcare centres be allowed to ban kids who haven’t been vaccinated?

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  1. Lukas says:

    i think child care centres should be able to ban kids who haven’t been vaccinated because we do not want to get that old nasty disease again. i’ve heard people say there are side affects when you get vaccinated. but you will get a worse disease if you don’t get vaccinated.

  2. alex says:

    i think that childcare centers should not be allowed to ban kids who havent been vaccinated because it is unfair and unjust.the parents have made their desicion willingly and volanteraly.if the kids arent vaccinated,they arent vaccinated.if parents are worried their child is going to get some disease,vaccinate them.if not,well, thats their choice and their responsibility.that said,i think it is a good idea to vaccinate for most preventable diseases and all parents should be properly educated on vaccines but if they choose not to thats their choice.after all,its only the unvaccinated kids in danger an their parents have taken that risk.

  3. Seb S. says:

    Parents have stopped having their children vaccinated because some people said that it could have side affects. Although this has been disproved, in New South Wales more than half the population of children haven’t been vaccinated, and so the government has come up with an idea to ban children who have not been vaccinated from child care. Even though this sounds extreme, doctors have become slightly concerned that an outbreak of disease could spread, causing death or disabilities to many people.

    I think that there should be an advertising campaign to educate people about why it is important to be vaccinated, but if that doesn’t work then perhaps they should put a ban in place.

  4. Seamus says:

    I think that pre-schoolers should be banned from Childcare if they have not been vaccinated for a number of reasons.

    Firstly, this will save individual children from diseases such as polio or tuberculosis which can cause terrible pains, may make you disabled or die.

    Secondly, if young children don’t have vaccinations then diseases will spread and cause lots of deaths amongst the population.

    Thirdly, some people don’t get their children vaccinated because of the small chance of side effects, but this is a small price to pay for saving lots of lives.

    So I think the risk of having a vaccination is worth keeping lots of people alive or not disabled.

  5. Alice says:

    I don’t think it is right for them to just “ban” someone from coming to child care just because they haven’t be vaccinated.
    it is just plan wrong.
    Also I think that parents have great reasons not to get there children vaccinated.
    one the side effects
    two the pain
    three well who enjoys watching a needle being stuck in to a little kids arm. ( not me)

  6. Oliver Panozzo says:

    I strongly feel that childcare centers should ban babies with out vaccinations because if they pick up a an infection then they will become ill and give it to others. If childcare centers are allowed to ban babies who haven’t been vaccinated then it will persuade parents to vaccinate their child.

  7. Claire says:

    I believe that childcare centers should not be allowed to ban children who have not had a vaccination.

    Firstly, mothers and fathers place alot of trust in the childcare centers and if they do ban those who have not been vaccinated it would be to much of a chore to look after children and at the same time gain enough money from work to support the family.

    Secondly, it is very sad and despairing to see children turned out of childcare because their children have not been vaccinated because their parents did not want them to. I would not be able to bear it if the children were turned out because I chose so. It is wrong and an unbelievable amount of danger is unveiled to the young child that does not know what is going on.

    I hope that all people out there will understand what children might go through and support me.

  8. Sara F says:

    I think childcare centres should not ban kids who haven’t been vaccinated because young children deserve to go to childcare even if they haven’t been vaccinated. Also, all young children need to go to childcare.

  9. mia says:

    I think they should be alowed to because,the children that have not been vaccinated are in more risk of getting very bad dezezers. Even thow some people think that there child can get miner irertion it is better getting that, then the dezezes.Many doctors say that the irertion is very rare and people should still get vaccinations.

  10. Oisin Aeonn Harrison Sarah says:

    Yes because they can spread germs and deceases and old deceases can come back

  11. Lucien and Theo says:

    We think it’s unfair because some people might not have enough money to get their kids vaccinated, but if the people do have enough money then they should get their kids vaccinated and the childcares do have the right ban them.

  12. lucy says:

    I think you should be able to ban children if they have not had a needle but the teachers have to give you a warning that your child needs a needle.

  13. flossy says:

    i think that kids should not be banned from children centres.
    but should be encouraged to get the needle
    think about what a mums would do if they needed a child care centre but they had no where to have there child looked after.

  14. Georgie says:

    I believe that they should not let children in that aren’t vaccinated because it could bring on knew or old illness. The children that go to that childcare would be in danger of getting ill or
    even dying.

  15. Dante n' Massimo says:

    Dante: I reckon all babies that haven’t been vaccinated should be banned from all daycare centres because babies are getting sick from other babies that haven’t been vaccinated.

    Massimo:i reckon that all kids that have not been vaccinated should have a private care centre.

  16. Seb says:

    I might have already done a response o_O

    I think that this action might disrupt the lives of some people but could save the lives of many more. the short abrupt change in many peoples lives could be easily solved by getting their children vaccinated. This would allow their children to attend childcare, be protected against diseases and prevent the spread of diseases.

    I also think that parents should be better educated about vaccines so they get their children vaccinated of their own free will.

  17. via says:

    i think yes because it is contagious and one is better then all of them

  18. Ruby A says:

    I do not think that child care centres should not band children that have not been vaccinated because that need to learn some thing and go some where to get ready for school.

  19. lucas z says:

    I think that vaccination is a good thing to do although if you do not like needles then you can think of other solutions but these may be expensive and, well, aren’t invented yet. So to sum it up i think that you should do vaccinations.

  20. Ruli+Callum says:

    We think yes and no. We think yes because if the non-vaccinated children don’t go to preschool and school they won’t learn anything and it will be a bad generation of people. But we thing no because the non-vaccinated children could spread diseases to the vaccinated children and make everyone sick.

  21. Tilly s says:

    I think child care should ban children that have not been vaccinated because what if your child has been vaccinated and your child’s friend has not, your child might become very sick only because someone has not been vaccinated. also if you have not been vaccinated you could get vaccinated.

  22. Tilly M-W says:

    Yes because if a vaccinated child has a cold or a different illness and a non-vaccinated child comes to the childcare centre that child could get very sick.
    All children should be vaccinated, it should be a law that kid get vaccinated because all children should be safe from sickness. Even thou parents think there are bad chemical in the vacation shots, all the chemical are safe and are there to help children become safe from sickness. So yes I think that children who have not been vaccinated should be banned from childcare centres.

  23. Orlando M says:

    I believe that childcare centres shouldnt be allowed to ban kids because that would be discriminat against them but they have not been vaccinated but i think that yo should give the kids that havent been vaccinated a special childcare center or preogram that is different so we can all have wellfare in our coommunity.

  24. Jordan.P says:

    I think kids shouldn`t be banned from pre-school because they wont be allowed in and maybe every pre-school will do that so there will be no choice for a family to go to pre-school.~Jordan.p

  25. isaac shep says:

    yes because it could spread germs and bring polio back from the died and then make other people died and all the puppies all of the sweet sweet puppies so thats why i think

  26. isaac sm says:

    I think that childcare should be able to band kids who have not been vaccinated. For the high risk of spreading germs and for the adults for getting into trouble for the disease.

  27. Jarrah says:

    This is from a mom’s point of view:

  28. Maddie and Greta says:

    I and greta say that they should have the needle so they want be sick

  29. Ezekiel says:

    I think that the kids who don’t have the vaccination shouldn’t get kicked out, but simply put in a room with a bunch of kids who also don’t have the vaccination.

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