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June, 2013


    AMpWed, 26 Jun 2013 04:50:51 -040050Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Over the past few weeks the students have been working collaboratively in small groups to explore the maths found in sport.  The results were impressive and included a broad range of important maths concepts presented in creative and engaging ways.  Below is a small selection of some of these projects.


    As a bonus, click on the link Behind The Scenes to watch a video and get an idea of the learning process.  Congratulations, what a great way to show teamwork and to give 110%!



  2. Some science inspiration!

    AMpMon, 24 Jun 2013 08:27:29 -040027Monday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Enjoy these awesome science videos to tide you over through the break.

    Watch them all at: Symphony of Science

  3. BTN: Student Responses

    AMpTue, 18 Jun 2013 06:54:40 -040054Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    A former US spy has revealed some secrets that have got a lot of people talking. Intelligence agencies in the states have been collecting people’s internet data and keeping a record of lots of their phone calls. He felt that was wrong so he told everyone about it. (Thanks BTN)

    Should government spy agencies collect peoples data and keep track of their telephone conversations?

    Is it right to sacrifice individual privacy in favour of group safety?

    Keeping an eye on you…

  4. Reflecting on our inquiry into media and PHPS

    AMpTue, 18 Jun 2013 06:42:30 -040042Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Think back on your experiences working with either film, logos or brochures and reflect on your learning in these areas.  Post your comments to share your opinions with the neighbourhood.


  5. Klim in a sea of fans at PHPS.

    AMpMon, 17 Jun 2013 08:23:01 -040023Monday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Famed Aussie Olympic swimmer Michael Klim took time out to visit with the students at PHPS.  He spoke about his sport and how he got his start while also sharing some important water safety tips.

    Article with photo taken from the Melbourne Leader, Monday June 10, 2013

    Article with photo taken from the Melbourne Leader, Monday June 10, 2013

  6. Put away the pencil and paper – Try your hand at mental maths!

    AMpTue, 11 Jun 2013 09:01:54 -040001Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Recently you have been introduced to some handy tricks for crunching bigger numbers in your heads.  As promised, attached are the links to two of those spectacular videos by our favourite maths guru at Tecmath.

    Practice these techniques and in no time you’ll be faster than a calculator!

    This one looks at multiplying numbers under twenty:

    This one looks at multiplying numbers above twenty:

    Can you beat the calculator?


  7. BTN: Student Responses

    AMpTue, 11 Jun 2013 08:46:40 -040046Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Imagine if you could be the Queen (or King) of Australia. You could live in an Australian royal palace. With Australian royal guards. And maybe even an Australian royal kelpie. You’d be the head of the whole country and the head on Aussie coins!  (Thanks BTN)

    Is the royal family important to you?

    Do you believe that Australia should become a republic and break away from its British Royal ties?


    The British Royal Family at their best.

  8. BTN : Student Responses

    AMpWed, 05 Jun 2013 00:21:00 -040021Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Sport can be a great way of bringing people together. And that’s exactly what’s happening at one football club in New South Wales. A group of mainly Muslim women have got together to create their own team. And while they may be struggling on the ladder they’re making their mark in other ways. (Thanks BTN)


    What are your thoughts about women playing AFL footy?

    Why do you think the girl in the story got so upset?

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