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Sport can be a great way of bringing people together. And that’s exactly what’s happening at one football club in New South Wales. A group of mainly Muslim women have got together to create their own team. And while they may be struggling on the ladder they’re making their mark in other ways. (Thanks BTN)


What are your thoughts about women playing AFL footy?

Why do you think the girl in the story got so upset?


  1. Sara F says:

    I think that girl in the story got upset because she loved playing footy, but went out of the team for a game so that her team wouldn’t get upset. 🙁

  2. Scarlett says:

    1.Although I would not personally play AFL I believe that every girl / woman should have the chance to play any sport including AFL .
    2. Because lots more woman want to join to club and she didn’t know who to sub off .

  3. Claire says:

    I think that it is great for women to to play AFL footy because people will learn that football is not just a men’s sport but it can be played and enjoyed by many women as well.

    I think that the girl in the story cried because she loved playing footy but felt that she couldn’t tell another player that she couldn’t play so she didn’t play for that round was so sad because she was looking forward to it so much that she didn’t want to give that match up.


  4. Ezekiel says:

    I like the idea of women playing footy, because if all the men could do it, but not the women, that is basically like women not being able to vote, or have a job, or other things that was separated from men to women.

    I think that she was super proud of her team, and to be able to talk to someone about her team, made her start thinking about the beauty of it and how everybody was getting together and having fun.

  5. Eleanor says:

    I think that women should definitely be able to play football. But I do think that they shouldn’t play it with men. Men are more rough and women don’t tackle each other as much. I think the lady in the video was upset because she was really good friends with the other women in the team and she didn’t want them to be upset by not playing football.

  6. alec says:

    they should make mens neball leag.

  7. Liem says:

    I think she was crying because she doesn’t won’t anybody sitting out and usually she replace as sitting out but she gets to miss out all of the fun that’s why she was crying.

    Thats sad……… (‘_’)

  8. Jarrah says:

    I think it’s fabulous for women to be playing footy, you know womans rights and…err…stuff

  9. Quade Ecke says:

    I think that its a good idea that women are playing because it shows that its not only for boys.
    I think she was crying because she didn’t want the others to miss out and she didn’t want to miss out as well as it is a tough choice.

  10. mia says:

    I think that women should have a choice in playing AFL and that women should have the same amount of attention as men’s foot ball.

    i think the girl got so upset because she liked playing foot ball, she wanted to play but there was a another girl wanting to play so the other girl played instead of her.

  11. caleb says:

    I think its okay unless there playing other teams with men in them. I think it ruins the game when men and women play together but soccer,baseball,basketball or hockey is okay. I honestly dont know why she was crying because if she was substituted someone would be replacing her and they will still have a full team its like having a bye but instead of a team its a person. So i dont know why she is crying.

  12. Muna says:

    I think that they got upset because they love playing football and that they think that its a great opportunity for girls around the world to get into playing there favorite sport even if your a girl or a boy.

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