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Imagine if you could be the Queen (or King) of Australia. You could live in an Australian royal palace. With Australian royal guards. And maybe even an Australian royal kelpie. You’d be the head of the whole country and the head on Aussie coins! (Thanks BTN)

Is the royal family important to you?

Do you believe that Australia should become a republic and break away from its British Royal ties?


The British Royal Family at their best.


  1. Hugo W. The boss says:

    I think Australia should become a republic and stop looking up to a family who lives on the other side of the world.
    Australia needs more independence. We are the biggest island in the world and we don’t need boring royals bossing us around!

  2. Dante says:

    I reckon that it would be easier to keep the country how it is, because to change flag and the money would be very hard, to go to every flag pole and change every cent made!

  3. lucas z says:

    i don’t think that we should become a republic because it will cost tax payers a lot of money

  4. Ruli+Callum+Daniel says:

    We think yes because we need a change in our society and economical environment.

  5. Theo Digory says:

    We think we should not become a Republic because young athletes will get more experience from the commonwealth games for when they go to the olympics.

  6. alex says:

    i think australia should not become a republic all of a sudden.if we should break off it should be at the end of the current queens reign.there is less upset that way and it is probably easier to start afresh when the country we are tyed to does.but i dont think we should at all.we are as independent as we can get without actually being a republic.we have our own national anthem,our own goverment,and the queen doesn’t have that much of a hold over fact ,all that being in the commonwealth means is inclusion into the commonwealth games,a governor general,some occasional visits from passing royalty, a bit off excitment when there is some thing interesting going on in the royalty,the union jack on our flag and the queen on our what is so important?we are pretty independent already so why bother making a republic?we are a fine country with a good,well working goverment.the odds are that if we disturb that we will just mess up the whole country and our cultural and social system.

  7. Sara F says:

    I think the royal family are kind of important to me because they’re everywhere! Like coins and 5 dollar notes. And I think Australia shouldn’t become a republic because the British people are very friendly, and if Australia became a republic, than we would have to change our coins. 🙁

  8. Jarrah says:

    I really couldn’t care less about the royal family since I don’t have any real connection to them.
    If Australia was to become a republic it would be a lot of work and cost a lot but I’de be interested to see where it goes…

  9. Fin Borland Zammit says:

    The royal family is not at all important to me their are alot of more important things than having a king and queen.

  10. Claire says:

    I think that Australia should break of our British ties to be an independent republic because I think that it is not right, for Australia is Australia and not England. We should be independent and strong. We shall not be a country of England! We shall be Australia!


  11. Oliver Panozzo says:

    I think Australia should stay the same because it would take too much work and they would have to change a lot of things. It would be very expensive too change the flag and all the money ect.

  12. isaac shep says:

    i think so because Australia is a country that rarely needs help from outside countries, we would do pretty well as a republic. but if we were to become a republic we would use more money so we would need to borrow so more money but we would not be able to borrow any more because we would be cut off form the royal family so couldn’t borrow any more. so in conclusion Australia should stay with the royal family.

  13. Tilly M-W says:

    I think that Australia should stay in the commonwealth because Australia has been part of the commonwealth for many years and if we changed the public might get very angry and that might start a war. Australians would have to change the currency, Flag and we would need to have vote for a Queen/King.

  14. Ayden.T says:

    I think that Australia should be a republic because we are a totally different country to england so we are should have our own government who controls Australia 😀

  15. Olivia says:

    I think Australia should become a republic when the current queens rain is over because we will have to change everything anyway (i think)

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