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A former US spy has revealed some secrets that have got a lot of people talking. Intelligence agencies in the states have been collecting people’s internet data and keeping a record of lots of their phone calls. He felt that was wrong so he told everyone about it. (Thanks BTN)

Should government spy agencies collect peoples data and keep track of their telephone conversations?

Is it right to sacrifice individual privacy in favour of group safety?

Keeping an eye on you…


  1. isaac.s says:

    I think that spy agencies for America should not be legal.
    firstly because some phone calls are very personal and for them to know that would be rude.
    secondly, because some phone calls are extremely rude and would not make sense.
    altogether I do not think that the secret agencies should not be allowed to contact or connect with other people

  2. Orlando M says:

    I STRONGLY believe that our government should not keep track of the phone calls between people what if someone is talking about something private in the family or about there dad that is just a example.

    Also on the phone people sometimes say things they don’t mean and if that gets out like say that the prime minister sore on the phone and everyone would find out that would be a catastrophe.

  3. Quade Fin says:

    Quade: I think it people should not be able to check what other people are searching because it will make them not feel safe and uncertain of what they search. So I think the should not check what we search.
    Fin: I think it invade peoples privacy and should not happen it is our own business not other peoples what we search we have our own personal lives and it should not go through.

  4. Kai says:

    No. i think that people’s privacy should not be spied on because they might find out peoples username and passwords for mail, Skype ect. if spys are hearing your telephone calls it will be embarrassing and awkward.

  5. Seb says:

    The Government should not be aloud to see your personal info, It’s yours and you should decide who sees it.
    If any personal info or family business gets leaked people could lose their dignity and get permanent mental scars.
    If the Government keeps doing this they will be able to see your passwords and banking info, if that intelligence gets leaked than peoples lives could be a stake.

  6. Sara F says:

    I think government spy agencies shouldn’t be able to hear/see what we are doing online and saying on the phone because if spy agencies collected all of your personal details, then somebody could kidnap you.

  7. Claire says:

    Question 1:
    I think that the government should not be allowed to spy on people secretly(apart form criminals and/or suspects of a crime). People should be able to have complete privacy if they want to(apart form criminals and/or suspects of a crime).

    Question 2:
    Personally I think that it would depend on the person whose basic privacy rights is being breached.


  8. lucien,Theo,Digory and You-Li says:

    We think that they should not have that power of spying on people private call ,text’s and messages online. We think that some spies just be a spy to hold a gun and really not care about what there doing and if they have access to everyone’s private calls like if someone contacted there friend and said they were going through puberty that means those not caring spies will know.

  9. Georgie says:

    I don’t think spy’s should look in to other peoples information because they could listen to private family stuff. But i also think that they have to catch the bad people. i think they should make sure their bad people before they start listening to their conversation or email.

  10. Muna says:

    I think that they should have this buzzer thing and when the buzzer scans criminal words or actions then they can check the e-mail.But other than that what do people want to hide “Only if they are a criminal”

  11. Olivia.R, Julia and Atlanta says:

    We think they shouldn’t collect people’s data on what they have been doing on the internet and what they have been saying on the phone because what you say and do is private and it is not right to have people knowing everything that you do.
    We think that safety is more important but we shouldn’t have to take away our privacy on the internet and phones. There are lots more ways of catching criminals.

  12. Hugo and Caleb (cub) says:

    We think that it is perfectly fine for them to monitor us, after all it is for our own protection. But there should be a limit to how long they can monitor us for and the person being monitored would have to be have a certain level of suspicion to be monitored longer than the amount of time.

  13. Ruby A says:

    I think that it is a good thing that the government spy agencies collects spies data, but I don’t want some one to look at my privet stuff. It would be better if only they could track the spies.

  14. Ava, Andrea and Salma says:

    We believe that People should not be spying on peoples mails or Skype calls because it may contain private information or family problems.

  15. Stefan says:

    I believe that people should not be spying on people’s mails or Skype calls because it may contain private information.

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