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Reflecting on our inquiry into media and PHPS

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Think back on your experiences working with either film, logos or brochures and reflect on your learning in these areas.  Post your comments to share your opinions with the neighbourhood.



  1. Ruby A says:

    For the past 2 weeks the 5/6 neighbourhood has been part of 3 different rotations: brochures, movie and logo. The fist rotation I was part of was brochures. We had to make a brochure representing Inter School Sport. I was really fun; we got put into groups to make a brochure. I learnt that you can work with anyone and end up with a good result! I would do better next time is that I would be there all for the time because I was had to go to saxophone for most of the time. But still it was a good result. The second rotation I was part of was movie. We had to get into groups and create a 60 second movie; it had to involve a mood. I learnt that creating a short movie is much harder than it seems. Next time I will do better to organise the filming. The third rotation was logo. Isaac Shepherd’s mum came in to show us a prezi on different types of logos. After the prezi I had to go to saxophone but when I got back we had to design our own logo for PHPS inter school sport. I learnt that making a logo is not easy and what I will do better next time is brain storm and what ever comes to mind get it down. The forth rotation I was part of was movie again but this time using the 180 degree rule. The 180 degree rule is when the camera is facing one person then face the other person but not at the same time. I learnt that with some practice it is much easier to make a sort movie. This time it worked easier because I helped with the filming much more.

  2. Isaac Sh Oisin Dathan says:

    this is a reflection on a small group of projects that we did over the cause of 2 fridays one of the project was making a small video , logo for inter school sport and brochure for inter school sport END

  3. Sara F says:

    For the past 2 weeks, all grade 5/6’s have been part of 3 rotations to do with marketing. They were video, brochures and logo. The first rotation I did was brochures. What I had to do was pick a sport from Interschool sports (such as Netball) and create a brochure on the Interschool sport that I chose. I also had to take a couple of pictures to put on the brochure and decide what colours to use. I didn’t get to see what my brochure looked like in the end because I had to go to guitar. The second rotation I did was video. I had to make a 60 second movie, with no talking at all, and I had to decide on a mood. I was in a group with Ruby A, Viarne and Muna. We made a movie about two friends who were happily playing, one of them left and the other friend got kidnapped. I think that the movie could’ve been better. The third rotation I did was logo. Isaac Shepherd’s mum showed us a prezi about marketing and logo. Afterwards, everyone had to make a logo to do with Interschool sports. My last rotation was video again. This time we had to use the 180 degree rule. I enjoyed doing all of the rotations.

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