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Genius Hour (Student Responses)

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Following on from our science workshops last week, What have you been doing in Genius Hour This week?You may also like to comment about the workshops…


  1. Joel says:

    The Vasa
    By Joel Rodin
    By Joel
    What is The
    Old Swedish warship Built in Stockholm 1626-­‐28
    Length – 69 meters Armament – 64 guns Crew – 145 sailors, 300 soldiers
    What happened ?
    The ship foundered and sank aNer sailing less than a nauOcal mile (ca 2 km) into her maiden voyage in 1628
    Unstable top heavy construcOon with 2 gun decks.
    Sailed with gun ports open.
    Tipped and water entered through the open gun ports causing it to sink.
    The Vasa
    Found and salvaged aNer 333 years Displayed in museum with 29 million visitors since 1961
    98% of the ship is original

  2. Jack says:

    Heat projects

    1. Just because one object feels colder than the other, it doesn’t mean it is colder. It just means that it has fewer heat molecules. I got this from
    2. Heat is a source of energy! That’s why we feel hot when we run round the park! I got this from
    3. When we touch a cold object, the heat from our warm hand flows into the colder one.
    4. When a pencil is sharpened, it get up to 30 Celsius.

  3. Kiet Pham says:

    How do smoke detectors work.
    How they work
    All smoke detectors consist of two basic parts: a sensor to sense the smoke and a very loud electronic horn to wake people up. Smoke detectors can run off of a 9-volt battery or 120-volt house current.
    • Optical Smoke Detector
    1: Optical chamber
    2: Cover
    3: Case moulding
    4: Photodiode (detector)
    5: Infrared LED
    A bit of information about smoke detectors
    Smoke detectors are one of those amazing inventions that, because of mass production, cost practically nothing. You can get a smoke detector for as little as $7. And while they cost very little, smoke d¬etectors save thousands of lives each year. In fact, it is recommended that every home have one smoke detector per floor.

  4. Claire says:

    I am doing a word document table on the different stages of the dinosaur age and the era before the dinosaurs were made.

  5. Ezekiel says:

    LZ 1

    The first Zeppelin was invented by a German man by the name of Ferdinand von Zeppelin. Although LZ 1 (Luftschiff (airship) Zeppelin) finished in the year 1899, Ferdinand decided to test it in a years time. However unsuccessful, it was a amazing start. When it was unsuccessful, he was forced to take it apart. But five years later, LZ 1 was built again, and this time, although stronger, it still had faults, such as no fins, which made it hard to control. LZ 1 was 420 feet long, 81-1/2 in diameter, and contained approximately 399,000 cubic feet of hydrogen. The hydrogen, was contained in 17 different gas “bags” of rubberized fabric. Although genius, LZ 1 was overweight, it didn’t have stability from fins, so it was unreliable in tough weather, and a big loss of engine power and speed made it hard to control, even in next to no breeze.

  6. Jack says:

    The science of bowling a cricket ball

    The muscles in bowling
    The Pectorals
    The Latissimus Dorsi
    The Deltoids
    The Trapezius
    The Abdominals and Obliques

    some more on powerpoint. can’t show

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