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BTN (Cheap Imports) Student Responses

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When you munch on an apple or dive into a tin of peaches, do you ever think of where they came from? Many Australian farmers make their living from growing and selling fruit and veggies. But in the past few years they’ve been struggling to compete with cheaper food from overseas. Sarah meets a Victorian family who are finding it tough on the land.

(Thanks BTN)

Should we be buying cheaper imported fruit and vegetables at the expense of our local farmers? Justify your answers.


  1. Claire says:

    I strongly believe that we should be buying more expensive foods from the aussie farmers so that they may grow more crops and provide us with both delicious and fresh produce.

    Firstly, I think that we should buy the fresh produce from the aussie farmers because it would be good for the farmers and it would allow people in the future to eat and taste fresh australian products.

    Secondly, I believe that if the aussie farmers can not sell their produce then they may have an incredibly hard time that they don’t deserve and the farmers’ children may never go to school for lack of money.

    I strongly believe that we should buy the australian produce so that all of the farmers look towards a bright and happy future.

  2. Orlando Moloney says:

    I believe we should support our farmers because after all its all for the wealth of OUR country not for say american farmers and if we create our own poverty it is a bit like being hypocritical and saying we will make our country better buy making our farmers poor kind of like irony so i believe we should either:

    1.keep importing but support farmers with an extra little bit of money now and then.
    2.start to use what we have here at home and be self sufficient!

    I know option 2 costs more money but its the problems that come with a high value to our dollar!

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