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Should Smacking Children be banned? BTN STUDENT RESPONSES

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How kids are disciplined at home is always a controversial topic. Last week it hit the headlines again after a group of doctors called for smacking kids to be made illegal. But not everyone is in favour of a ban. Let’s take a look at the debate.


  1. Muna says:

    I think that if parents smack there kids it would teach the kids to be violent and violence is not the answer at all.
    I also think that if kids behave in wrong way take away something that they care about and give it back to them when they behave well.

  2. Seb says:

    I think hitting could negatively reinforce bad actions, but also teach children to solve augments with violence witch would lead to a generation of kids that resort to physical violence so solve problems. I think a ban on hitting wouldn’t be such a bad idea, as long as they keep the penalty down.


  3. Jordan R and Orlando says:

    We think that if adults hit their children then they might be violent.

  4. massimo and kai says:

    we think that smacking should be banned because it hurts and it should be replaced it with taking a toy away for a week or a day.

  5. Ruby A says:

    I strongly believe that smacking is a terrible thing so it should be banned.
    I don’t think smacking is the right thing to do if a child miss behaves, also, imagine if every time a child talked in class they had to get the cane! 🙁 It would be a terrible and wast a lot of time. Heaps of countries have banned shaking for very good reasons. At school children should not be given the cane because it causes the children that violence is ok, but its decently not! So that’s why I think smacking should be banned.

  6. Jack says:

    I think that smacking shouldn’t be banned, but parents shouldn’t do it. It teaches kids the bad way to solve problems, it hurts and heaps of other countries have grown up and banned.

    • Kirsty says:

      Hi I’m Kirsty from the Mallee Vic. I just read your post and my teacher said I could reply. We watched this BTN episode earlier this morning and I would like to say that I agree with what you are saying because I don’t think it should be banned but there should be some rules and laws for it. Check out our class blog.

  7. julia says:

    I think that corporal punishment should be banned, because if you hit y our kid it can mentally or physically scar them.
    it also teaches kids that problems can be solved with violence

  8. Jarrah says:

    Smacking is 1.bad influence 2.mean 3.abusive 4.EVIL.
    I have never been smacked by my parents and as a child I think that it is WAAAAAAY overrated.
    So in conclusion I believe that if I am going to like the next prime minister I expect them to BAN SMACKANG

  9. Dathan says:

    I think smacking should be banned because it could damage the kids health and teach them violence.
    It could lead to health problems and anti-socialism.

  10. Daniel says:

    I think that smacking children is bad because it can make them anti-social and it can make them think that hitting people is good.

  11. Lily says:

    I think its a good idea yet isn’t because it teaches the children that you can solve things with violence and then it tells them that if they don’t behave they well get another smack and it hurts the child it dose go away but can stay longer because how they smack them and is a bad habit.

  12. Monte says:

    I think that smacking children as a punishment is not a good idea because it teaches them that violence is okay when it is not okay.

  13. Oliver Panozzo says:

    I believe that smacking is bad because it will send a massage to the children that smacking is ok.It could also be very panful and hurt the child.But it is good in a way because it leaves a mark in there head and the child remembers not to do it again because they will get smacked.

  14. Marcus ande says:

    I think that the parents shouldn’t smack

  15. Andrea says:

    I think that parents should not smack there kids because it can lead to bad injuries and is a bad influence and teaches them bad things in life.

  16. Marcus and Joseph says:

    smacking shouldn’t be banned because when you get smacked it teaches them a lesson that they shouldn’t do bad things!

  17. Andrew L & seb d says:

    i believe that smacking should banned because it is actually bad for them not just physically,but mentally as well because if you hit your children everyday or you hit your child, they might think its okay and they might violent throughout kinder,school,high school and then when they have kids they might hit THEIR kids and the cycle continues. It can also hurt them like in their heads and cause injuries and it can cause problems for them.

    For these reasons Andrew and I strongly believe smacking kids should be banned.

  18. Ruli+Callum says:

    We think that children shouldn’t be smacked because there’s no point in smacking when children can just loose there privileges and rights.

  19. alex says:

    smacking should be banned as it is not nice and,1 makes kids think violence is the answer,2 could give kids brain damage or serious injuries( if done hard and frequently) and 3 probably doesn’t help with the parent – child relationships either.personally i have been brought up with no smacking and i don’t miss it!at least if we cant ban smacking we should have stricter rules about it.

  20. Ayden.T says:

    I think that smacking shouldn’t be banned because it teaches children a lesson
    if they do the wrong thing but the bad side of smacking is that it hurts a lot. 😀

  21. Sara F says:

    I think smacking should be banned because if an adult smacks a child, the child could think that they could do it back, and could lead to violence later on in their life. I also think that if a parent smacks a child because they’re being naughty, the can do it if they want to but other parents would prefer to take away electronics and toys.

  22. Kiet Pham says:

    Yes it should be band because it can cause permanent injuries.

  23. Lachlan Parker says:

    Hi I’m Lachie from the Mallee Vic. I just read your comment. My teacher said I could reply. I agree with you because it will give kids bad manners when they are older

  24. Losty mosty says:

    Hi I’m losty mosty
    My teacher said I could reply

    I just read your post and I agree that smacking should be aloud to a certain degree because otherwise children learn no discipline.

  25. Emma says:

    Hi I’m Em from the Mallee vic.
    I just read your posts. My teacher said that I could reply.
    I strongly disagree with what you are saying.
    Smacking should be allowed. How are parents going to teach kids how to be discipline if smacking doesn’t occur. Smacking doesn’t have to be so hard that kids cry for hours. It also doesn’t have to be to the head or neck. Smacking should be able to happen. Kids can understand that they can’t smack anyone else. I understood that when I was little. Smacking also reminds kids that they shouldn’t do that. Smacking should not be to the head, neck or too hard. I think that smacking should be allowed.
    If you want you can go on our class blog.
    Go to

  26. Torpedo says:

    Smacking should be band because it is really bad for the kids and they will pass it on to there next kid

  27. Henry says:

    Hi I am Henry from the mallee vic.
    I just read your post . My teacher said I could reply and mady you could se our website called Mrbarmy.wordpress and I think that smacking shouldn’t be band because they will never lern.

  28. Freddy says:

    Hello my name Freddy and I am from the Mallee I just read your post and think that it’s ok to smack children, with some rules. E.G I think that on the head and bum are not ok and that the smack can’t make, a mark that stays for awhile. Other wise I think it’s ok.

  29. Grade56neighbourhood blog says:

    Thanks Freddy for checking out our blog.
    Meredith (Yr5/6 teacher):)

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