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Write to The Future PM (Student Response)

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What responsibilities will the future Prime Minister have to the Australian people? Write a letter to the “future” PM addressing 3 priorities that are important to you.


  1. Sara F says:

    Dear Prime Minister,
    . Can you please lower the costs of electricity because it’s too expensive and that means I can’t use my computer because I can’t charge it at all.
    . Please can you not put extra roads, because they are perfectly fine as they are and the are destroying homes.

  2. diganddan says:

    Dear Mr Abbott/ Mr Rudd
    We think these are the top three priorities:

    1.Economy, We think this is a priority because it is important make sure our country does no go bankrupt or sell things for cheap.

    2. Funding Schools, We think that funding schools is important because if the children of our generation and future generations don’t get a good education Australia wont work that well.

    3. Asylum seekers, We think it is important because they just did a deal and if liberal becomes the government then it will all change maybe even worse for the asylum seekers.

  3. Seb says:

    Dear Mr Rudd/Abbott,

    I have noticed the tension in the labour party and it has definitely affected the productivity, now Kevin is in charge and that’s all over, so it’s time for some policies to be established. Here’s what I recommend you make your priorities

    1: Asylum Seekers
    The PNG Plan was solving a problem, with yet another problem which does not seem like an advancement forward. So a new program should be established with an improved system to assess asylum seekers. Resettling refugees into big cities isn’t good as you want refugees to be resettled into rural/remote towns where they will find it easy to be “accepted” into the community.

    2: Education
    Better schools for Australia planned to put Australia in the top 5 for education. that our ranking hasn’t changed and it is important to have high pay employment for economic growth. So it does seen like the fate of Australia is up to the education service. Well it is. Gonski would be an important leap for Australia and its Economy

    3: Health
    Australia’s Emergency rooms just aren’t cutting it. the waiting lists are very high for those needing operatations and people dying in the hands of paramedics is becoming a big problem. Medicare, the public health service doesn’t cover dental health and the price of dental equipment such as braces can cost up to $10,000. Also in the new ambulances from Mercedes Benz seem to be braking down which is another huge problem. All in all Australia needs to clean the health services, because at the moment things are looking a little bit slopy


  4. Dathan says:

    Dear Mr Rudd/Mr Abbot,
    I am writing to you to tell you about the problems you need to sort out in your three years in office.

    1. Rising Costs for Australian Grown Foods
    This is a minor problem but it means a lot to Australia’s economy. Australian farmers need money to make food so we can survive. Make it so that it is the same cost as overseas food.

    2. Asylum Seeker Issue
    This is becoming a major problem in Australia. The Asylum seekers should be allowed to come to Australia because they are looking for a better life.

    3. Better Education
    I think the “Better Schools for Australia” Plan is a Fantastic idea and I would want to keep it if I were the Liberal or The Labor Party.


  5. Aleksei says:

    Dear Mr.Rudd/Abbott
    I know the election is coming up and its getting increasingly hard to actually get something done, but there are a lot of matters that need to be attended to, and people are being affected by the lack of productivity.
    Ambulance services.
    the hospitals in Australia may be great, but the ambulances need to be attended to. People are dieing in the time it takes for an ambulance to get to their house, and if they survive that wait, they are sure to die in the space of time they are waiting in the back seat. I really think you should get more ambulances for Australian hospitals, because its really not good enough.
    Homeless people
    I know homeless people is a tough matter for you, and its hard for you to find houses for them, but I think you could at least donate a little money to them, and put it in debt afterwards. It makes me feel sad to walk past a homeless person crying his/her eyes out, and i’m sure its worse for you.
    Smoking. Why isn’t it illegal? It kills thousands of people a year, and it makes thousands of others very sick. Smoking needs to be illegal. I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened already.

  6. Ezekiel says:

    Dear Prime Minister,
    I am Ezekiel Bornstein, and i’d like to tell you some problems that I would like you to try to fix.

    1: Daycare
    if a household were to have a baby, that would be 1 extra hungry mouth to feed, and if a parent had to stay home, less money would come, and what if the man/woman really enjoyed her/his work, it would be a lose for the baby and for the parent. But if a daycare person were to take care of the kid, they would get money, the parent would get to go to work, and the baby will get food. So please get more daycares to be built, and i’m sure many families would be very thankful.

    2: Refugees
    Rather than sending the refugees to PNG, a dangerous place where they can get hurt, we can send them to australia for 1 year, allow them to rent a house. And after a year, send them a letter saying that they should either decide to stay, which would be $5,000 or leave, which would be $1,000. If they are poor, they will probably decide to go back, and they will tell their friends and family how they don’t recommend going there, that way Australia will not be flooded with refugees, and nor will PNG.

    3: Great Barrier Reef
    I recommend you send a few people down to check the water in the Great Barrier Reef to make sure the bombs haven’t polluted the beautiful water, because if the water is polluted, the exotic species of fish and turtles will die. Also make sure the bombs won’t go off, because not only will the fish die, a whole big chunk of the Great Barrier Reef will be no more, and that will be horrible.

    Thank you.

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