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Should all toys be advertised to boys and girls equally?


  1. Lucy says:

    I think that shops should make some of the product pink and girlie and some blue and green for boys but I also think they should make mixed ones because that could make children think that they need to like things that they don’t really like that much just because its meant for there gender doesn’t mean you have to like it.

  2. Seb D says:

    Having Boys and girls toys separately is sexist and a gender stereotype and if say your looking for a toy and then they only have in the boys section, and you are a girl,then big toy brands say that you cant have this toy because its for boys and your not a boy. Boys and girls should be allowed to play with what they want to play with. Pink pants,Blue dinosaurs. Who cares?

  3. flossy says:

    i think that the toys should not be advertised as girl or boys toys. i also think that if a toy is considered for a boy i don’t think that it has to be blue or for girls, pink i think that any toy can be for any gender.

  4. Hugo Welch says:

    I believe that boys and girls should be allowed to choose what sort of toys they like to play with instead of big fat man with money coming along and coming up with this grand idea to make more money. Everyone has different opinions, and since with was pink a girl color and blue a boy color?!

  5. ptv lovers (ava and montana) says:

    yes, because boys and girls should be treated equally, and gender should be based on colour.

  6. Stefan says:

    Yes because if girls don’t want the girls things they can go to the boys section same with boys too. Also it’s good because girls are more into fashion makeup things while boys are more into action and heroes. But Lego should be both for boys and girls.

  7. Andrea and Salma says:

    Yes they should stop saying pink is for girls and blue is for boys it’s time we changed that because if you wear pink and your a boy then your gonna get teased because your wearing a pick top

  8. Greta R says:

    Yes,boys and girls toys should not be sectioned apart. I think kids should have their own choice on what toys they want. Kids should not be taken to the section that looks like a girls or boys section. They should choose.

  9. Ruby A says:

    Yes, Because then it is like saying that this side of the shop is for girls and the other side is for boys. It is also like deciding what the children should have. Sometimes it’s just the colours. Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Sometimes the product creators make two of the same product just in different colours so they will earn more money by selling more toys, stationary and clothes. It’s just not right.

  10. Nick and Caleb says:

    I think they should because its easier to find the appropriate toy for a boy/girl. If your a girl and you want a boys toy and it’s not in the girls section then dont go running out of the store just “go to the boys section” . .

    ( | )

  11. Claire says:

    Malls should not organise their shelves so that girls and boys are separated. In my opinion all people are different. I can relate to the situation.
    All my life people have insisted that I have ‘girl’ things, or books, or art things when the thing I want the most is a Lego set. I hate to do it but I have to rely on other people to give me what I really want. Mother will not give me what I want. She says that I should not play with ‘boy’ things. I have only one Lego set and I had to pick out that gift myself. My friend was emptying out her cupboard so she asked me to take anything as a gift. I also would like a Nerf gun but mother will not buy me one and my brother will not give me one. You would think that he would share. He has four.
    That is why I want to obliterate the barrier between ‘girl’ toys and ‘boy’ toys.

  12. Tilly, Honey and Sasha says:

    We think that there should be no boys and girls sections in the shoping stalls because there might be a girl that is a tomboy or just likes some boys stuff, and if they are seen in the boys section they might get embarrased and then start playing with the girls toys that they don’t like at all and be un happy, but if there are no boys and girls section they won’t have to worry about what people think. if you are really girly and think that boys stuff is boring then they can get what they want and don’t have to worry about it because its not like there is not going to be any barbies or anything, and if there is a boy that loves boy stuff and hates girl toys they can keep playing with there toys and so every one is happy.

  13. Dathan says:

    In one way I find that they should keep toys in the same isle for boys and girls but I also think they should be kept separate.

    One reason why I think they should be kept together because it is fair and girls will think “Oh yeah, I want a toy car so I know that I have to go to the toys section”.

    One reason why I think that they should be kept separate because it is easier to find the toys you want for example, If I was a boy and I want to go get a nerf gun, I could go to the boy section.

  14. julia says:

    I think that malls should not have different coloured toys that determine what we should like or be like

  15. Quade *derpface* : / says:

    Quade:I think that some toys should be for boys and others for girls but the majority of toys should be for both boys and girls. Because it is so that boys and girls will be treated equally.

  16. najma and oliva R says:

    I think that the mall should not have sections that are boys toys and girls toys like for example I bought a toy and my brother said that’s a boys toy and I thought that why should we have different toys.

  17. Stefan.S, Dante and Mohamed says:

    We think that Boys toys and Girls toys should be separate because the girls could walk to the boys toys and the boys could walk to the girls toys when they want. Having the boys toys separate to the girls toys helps figure out were the boys toys are and were girls toys are.

  18. Fin says:

    Fin: I think that their should be some separate boys and some separate girls toys but more unisex toys for boys and girls.

  19. Ruli says:

    I think this boy toys and girl toys thing is very sexist. It’s implying that boys like colors like blue and girls like colors like pink. It’s also implying that boys like toy trucks and vehicles and girls like dolls and cooking toys.

  20. Lily j says:

    I think that toys should be mixed because everyone is different. Some girls like blue or green and some boys like pink or purple. It isn’t fair to the kids that like playing with other toys! No kid should have to go to another section to buy a toy they like. It’s like saying to a child that they are not allowed to buy the toy they want. If a girl that loves princesses and barbies comes along then it is fine for her to buy the toy she wants, but then if a boy that likes those toys comes along he should not have to go to a different section! It is just not right!

  21. Holly and Alice says:

    We think that toys should be advertised for girls and for boys. Not just for one or the other. Obviously, some toys girls or boys would like more, but that doesn’t mean that they should be advertised for just one gender.

  22. Viarne and Lilli says:

    We strongly believe that there is no such thing as a girls toys, and a boys toys. There should be a choice for both genders to choose what type of toys the want to play with. Saying a pink toy is for girls only is very stereotypical. Who said that pink is a girls colour anyway? Thank you 🙂

  23. Lily O says:

    No I think boys and girls toys should be together because there are some girls like me who like boy toys and some boys like girl toys and it says to me that boys are active and girls are spouse to do chorus but its not true.

  24. Hugo O'Toole says:

    I think they should be advertised the same because different people like different thing for like girls can like cars which are advertised for boys.

  25. Jack says:

    I think that Shops can sort things by colour By don’t be sexist about it. Don’t label pink things for girls and blue things for boys. Boys and girls should be able to buy whatever they want.

  26. Theo and Digory says:

    We think no because it is sexist and says boys and girls don’t like the same things. It also implies that kids wont be accepted if they don’t play with their gender’s toys.

  27. kerem says:

    I think there should be no boys and girls section in toy shops because some girls and boys like different things and nobody knows what people like. pink does not meen girls like it.

  28. Jordan R says:

    I don’t think we should divide toys, boys to girls because if a boy wanted a doll then he would have to go to the girls section.

  29. Muna ,Payam,Lilli says:

    I think that they should have separate toys for boy and girls and have some the same gender. Because some girls might not like barbie dolls they might like racing cars same with the boys they might not like what every boy like, for a example they might want a cooking set but not a remote control helicopter. So the companies should look deeper into that topic.
    Thank You

  30. Lucien says:

    I think that they should be advertised equally because all this gossip on people giving more rights to men is rubbish and I think that if business men think their getting more money from boys toys their wrong.

  31. George says:

    I think that there shouldn’t be a section for girls and boys toys Girls use things boys use too.

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