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Dear parents and carers:
Next Thursday 13th February training will take place for students in the 5/6 neighbourhood who are interested in becoming Peer Mediators. Peer Mediators are available during lunchtimes to assist students in the playground. The mediators work with the students who are having issues to discuss the problem, find out what each person wants and work with them to achieve a “win-win” situation. Peer Mediators are valued members of our school community and make a significant contribution to student wellbeing.
I would like to extend an invitation to any parent or carer who be interested to assist with the training next Thursday, to support the students as they enact role plays to prepare them for their future role. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to be of support-however if you have some experience in the wellbeing area that would certainly be most welcome!
Thank you,
Kind regards,
Anne-Maree Seccull (Peer Mediation Coordinator)


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