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Behind the News (Student Responses)

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The death of a shark in Western Australia has stirred up a lot of debate recently. That’s because it’s the first shark to be killed under Western Australia’s new culling program.

Should sharks be culled?

Write a response and state in a paragraph whether you agree with this statement or not!


  1. Jarrah says:

    I believe that shark culling is an act of cruelty and should be banned immediately. Just Imagine a shark walking in to a populated city knocking on your door and culling you, it may sound silly but thats just what it’s like for sharks. If we kill a few animals, nobody minds, if an animal kills some guys BIG DEAL. Why is it that we should potentially wipe out an obvious part of our ecosystem that has been around a lot longer than us. We are always aware of the danger, and swim in the ocean at own personal risk. We don’t want animals to feel like the are in danger when they are in their territory. If it is acceptable for us to cull sharks then how can it be so terrible when sharks kill humans, not because they feel like it but because they are in danger is why they do it. So when you swim in the ocean remember the dangers and that it is also home to other creatures. You can’t own the sea.

  2. a 5/6 mum says:

    I don’t think sharks should be culled, I think more research should be done by the government into the reasons for the increase in shark attacks. Killing sharks is an “end-of-pipe” solution, meaning that the source of the problem is ignored. Causes for increased shark attacks might include:
    *climate change
    *over-fishing (depleting sharks natural food-source)
    *changing fish migration patterns

  3. Hugo W. says:

    We (me and Ruli) do not agree with the fact that sharks should be killed because we are invading there territory. They act in self defence and we look like seals to them.

  4. isaac w says:

    I strongly disagree to shark culling because if every human has rights then all animals should have rights too. Also sharks are part of the food chain and if you killed all the sharks it would mess up the food chain. Also if there is nothing to eat some pest then they will reproduce like crazy!!! STOP CULLING SHARKS

  5. Sam says:

    sharks should be culled because people died because sharks and that it shut down beaches and withe the no the shark no go zone will make people fill safe.

  6. Sergei says:


  7. jack says:

    I think that culling sharks is a horrible idea! Sharks are born killers of seals, and bleeding things in the water. A surfer in his surf board looks a lot like a seal from underneath the water. And this way, we’re helping the sharks grow endangered. So help our sharks and leave them alone.

  8. Thien and Giuls says:

    We do not think sharks should be culled because we are the ones going in there territory. It is not there fault they were born to kill things and they should have rights just like us. we do not get killed for killing other people.

  9. Charlotte.S says:

    I believe that the sharks that were mentioned should be culled because they kill people.
    Some people think that they are part of the nature but that doesn’t mean that they don’t kill us. There may not be many shark attacks but when the attacks do happen it is upsetting to the family of the one who died.

    Also people want to be able to go into the beach not worrying about sharks.

  10. Luca says:

    I disagree that sharks should be culled because the people in Western Australia that started to go to that beach actually took over the sharks’ territory.
    It’s still really bad that sharks are killing people but it doesn’t mean that the government should make a no go zone. Ever since seven people died the government started to do something about it even though they have been doing ever since the first attack. There has been a lot of debate about this which the people that are disagreeing the culling have done things to stop the government but the people are taking there own risks because if the government decides to stop culling the sharks the people that want to swim could die from the sharks but shark attacks are very rare.

  11. Fisherman says:

    Provided the shark cull does not pose a significant threat to any endangered species of shark, I would support the shark cull for the following reasons:

    1. Shark attacks are an unacceptable risk to beachgoers

    2. People should have the right to swim at the beach without being attacked by sharks

    3. We allow fishing and hunting of many other animals so there is no reason why culling sharks should be an ethical problem

    4. Sharks do not own the ocean but we can share the ocean with sharks to the extent they do not endanger us

    5. It is sentimental to preserve nature for nature’s sake, we should primarily preserve nature for our own benefit

    We have bred species of cows purely to kill and eat. Why then shouldn’t we cull sharks to protect our own enjoyment of our beaches?

    Love to hear any comments in reply!

  12. Claire says:

    Sharks should not be culled. It is a sharks nature to hunt for prey. They cannot help hunting us because we look like seals from below. Besides, sharks were in the oceans befog humans ever walked the Earth. Why should we only kill sharks because they pose a threat. Surly there’s another HARMLESS way to protect beach goers from shark attacks. After all, we don’t own the planet, we share it..

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