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Do you feel confident riding your bike on the road?

Explain and justify your answer

It’s great to see some responses on our blog from the parent community. Remember you are not required to use your surname and like the students, all responses are approved by teachers before being updated to our blog. (Refer to our Blog Guidelines towards the top of the page)


  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel fine riding my bike to school because I ride my bike to the park and things and its not that scary when you are doing the right thing.As you keep on doing it you don’t get nervous.

  2. Ruli says:

    I fell safe riding on small roads where there are hardly ever cars but not on big roads. on big roads there are lots of car and because I’ve seen a fair few car crashes I don’t feel confident on big roads.

  3. Lachie says:

    I feel completely confident riding on the road because I usually ride to school on the road and if you don’t feel confident riding on the road then that would probably naturally because when I started riding on the road I was not confident but now I do because I have ridden on the road before and now I feel confident.

  4. Natarsha says:

    I don’t mind riding on the road as long as I am with my dad.
    I thing it is a great idea to teach child road safety strategies, I would like to have a road safety lesson.

    But some times it’s not a great idea because it can be very dangers lets say you are on the road at the lights and all the these cars when your about to cross you could have got en badly hurt and in bad conditions if you got hit.

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