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During the literacy workshops, as a learning community, we identified certain indicators that would assist the reader/viewer in establishing if a book, film or image was set in the past and then compared these indicators of the past to the present day. These indicators are listed below and supported children with their Learning agreement last week.


  • Date
  • Money, e.g. the type of currency of the time.
  • Fashion, e.g. the cloths of the time reflected social.
  • Attitudes, for example modesty and certain roles of men and women.
  • Social attitudes – Discipline, laws – power of the government.
  • Language, e.g. the way in which they spoke, type of language being used.
  • Environments, e.g. where they lived and how the houses were built.
  • The roles that we play in society, e.g. Men going to work, women staying at home.
  • Food, e.g. When spaghetti was introduced to Australia, this cuisine was always common for dinner time.
  • Hygiene, e.g. There were no toilets, or toilets outside.
  • Technology (types), e.g. using ink well and quills to write.
  • Transport, e.g. Horse and carriage cars.
  • Education, e.g. Discipline, the way children are seated.
  • Buildings, e.g. the materials used, the way the buildings have been built.
  • Amount of resources, e.g. The amount of food available to the community.

All students have been introduced to the picture fiction book, My Place.

The story is about a house somewhere in Sydney and the land around it, told by the children who lived there from 1988 back to 1788 and before.


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