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If you do something wrong do you think it’s fair to be rewarded for it? That’s the debate going round this week after an Aussie woman named Schapelle Corby was released from a prison in Bali after doing nine years for drug smuggling. Rumour is she’s been offered millions to tell her story. But  there’s an Australian law designed to stop that happening.


Should Schapelle Corby be paid for her story?


  1. Tilly says:

    I strongly argree that Shapell shouldn’t get paid for her story for $2000000 for a crime that she committed. From my opinion it would impact more people to break the law and get money for it too.

  2. Zane says:

    Yes she should because she’s already done her punishment in jail

  3. Sergei says:

    I think she shouldn’t be selling her story AND getting paid because she spent 9 years in jail, and who knows what she could write there. Also she is a criminal and she tried to smuggle drugs.

  4. Charlotte.s says:

    I think Schapelle Corby should be able to tell her story for what any price, because it is her story and not other peoples, and if she wants to share it with people she can even if it is for money, people shouldn’t be able to take away her money because she talked about her life.

  5. Claire says:

    Schapelle Corby should not be paid for her story for a number of reasons.

    Firstly, It is against Australian law to profit from a crime. Schapelle should not under any circumstances be paid for her story as she is an Australian citizen FIRST and an Afghanistan prisoner SECOND. The Australian law, The Proceeds of Crime Act, A criminal that is an Australian citizen cannot profit from a crime.

    Secondly, a criminal has no right to become rich from their crime. A person who has done something wrong does not DESERVE to earn money if they are FOUND guilty.

    Schapelle Corby should NOT be profiting from her crime in anyway possible. As said, The Proceeds of Crime Act prevents her from taking the money-if she obeys that law.

  6. marcus says:

    i don’t think Schapelle Corby should be allowed to profit from her crimes because she is an Australian citizen and the Australian law says she cant profit from her crimes.

    plus if she is allowed then all of the people who want to profit will just fly to Barley and then profit from their crimes which will affect work and cause inflation in Australia, thus causing a major increase of people touring Australia and filling our skies with greenhouse gasses and making the air even more low grade.

  7. Seb D says:

    I strongly believe that Schapelle Corby should NOT profit from her crime because she got caught with drugs and it is against the Australian law so it wouldn’t be fair to profit from her crime. More people might start committing crimes hoping they will get lots of money from their stories. If the money went to charity or Bali I suppose that would be alright then.

  8. Bethany says:

    schapelle corby should not get payed for a crime because it gust took of in the world of news and she has commented a crime it is not far and should not happen

  9. SURFGIRL says:

    I strongly believe that Schapelle Corby should be allowed to be paid for selling her story because she is not in australia and she has already had 9 years in jail and it is not her fault that everyone wants to know her story
    Firstly: Schapelle Corby is not in Australia she is in Bali and the law is just in australia and I think that she has the right to earn money.

    Secondly: Schapelle Corby is out of jail so everyone wants to no her story it is not her fault that everyone wants to know and it will teach children to not put out crimes because you will get caught.

    So that is why I strongly believe that Schapelle Corby should get paid to tell her story.

  10. Lily says:

    I think Schapelle Corby should not be paid for her story because it will just tell others to do that in another country and the they get profit by getting heaps of money and even if shes in another country shes an Australian citizen and should still follow the law that can happen anywhere.

  11. lukas says:

    i think schapelle corby should not get money from her telling her story because she will be rich for doing a crime and that it isn’t fair.

  12. raf says:

    i believe schapelle corby SHOULD be able to tell her story. She is NOT in australia, she has done her time in a harsh jail away from home and i think she shold be able to earn money from it.

  13. Maxim says:

    You do the Crime You do the time, she have been in jail for a long time, and she has been wasting money, let her at least make some money of it.

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