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Behind the News (Student Responses) Week 5 – Thanks BTN:)

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This story is by Coen a very special BtN rookie reporter. He’s a 16 year old kid who will soon be traveling the length of the Murray River by jet ski. He’s doing it to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation a subject that’s near to his heart. Actually literally right next to his heart because he’s the proud new owner of a set of donated lungs. Take a look. (Text from:

Based on Coen’s story, do you believe all Australians have the responsibility to become organ donors?


  1. Lily O says:

    When I think how people who need new lungs or body parts I would think its their choose to donate their organs not mine or someone else’s its theirs, but then I would think I really hope I can get a new set of organs like the six-teen year old did. It sounds gross when you think about.

  2. Zane says:

    no it shouldn’t compulsory because if someone didn’t want to they shouldn’t have to.

  3. lukas says:

    people shouldn’t have to if they don’t want to but it should be recommended until we find out how to perfect making artificial organs.

  4. Jordan.P says:

    I don`t think everyone should be a organ donor because I watched a story on the news where a boy got punched in the head and feel on the ground and died but about 5 minutes after he was in the hospital he came back alive! So if the doctors took out is organs when he was dead he would not come back alive.

  5. flynn says:

    I think that you should have the choice of donating your organs because you might have a religin or something else but if you want to I think you should donate your organs.

  6. Charlotte.s says:

    I think that everyone should have a choice. Because some people might not want to be an organ donor and some people might want to, and people have to respect others choices. People may want to be buried as they are and not be cut open and have there organs taken out.

  7. Sara F says:

    I think that you shouldn’t have to donate your organs to other people because some people want to be buried whole with all their organs in their body. But I also think it’s good if people want to donate their organs because they help other people have a second chance at life.

  8. Bethany says:

    I think that everybody should be organs Dona’s because you do not need them when your dead anyway so why not give them to somebody how dose need them.

  9. Orlando Moloney says:

    I think it should not be compulsory but should be highly encouraged because it can save people and bring them a happier and much more functional life also because it will help all of these people to run and experience life once you have had your chance pass it on to someone else.

  10. Ella p says:

    I don’t think everyone should be an organ donor because some people would like to be buried whole. People should be allowed to have a choice on wanting to be a organ donor and make there own decisions. Also some people still can be organ donors if they want to.
    So i think people should not have to be organ donors.

  11. rosie says:

    I think that people should have the choice if they want to be an organ donor because if people don’t want to be one they shouldn’t be forced to be them and also some people probably want to be buried whole so i think people should have the choice

  12. Kerem and Jordan R says:

    We don’t think it should be compulsory because not everyone would want to give up their organs. But if you want to give up your organs then you can.

  13. Ruli+Clancy says:

    We think everyone should have to be organ donor because your dead anyway and by being a donor you could save someones life!

    (Case closed)

  14. Ayden.T says:

    I say that every one should donate your organs to people when you die you have no use for them and your organs can save up to 10 people that don’t have the live you had because there locked up in hospital so Donate Your Organs!!

  15. marcus says:

    donating organs should be decided by the parents and they should also wait ten minutes before taking the organs out, that way crazy people who desperately want organs don’t run around killing people and saying “oh he died tragically, now i get his organs hee hee hee” and they also don’t have a boy dying because his organs are missing like Jordan.p said.

    basically i’m saying that donating organs should be not compulsory

  16. Seamus says:

    I do not believe you should have to donate organs if you would prefer not to. It could be against some peoples religious beliefs. Also, people might not want their kids to be taken apart after death.

    However, people should be encouraged to be organ donors to help save peoples lives! This could be done through government advertising and education.

  17. Jax says:

    I think that not everyone has to donate their organs because it is not fair if people want to keep the organs on the when they die. I would donate my organs to someone in need because you could save some one’s life. But i highly recommend donating your organs before people start making artificial organs.

  18. Harper says:

    I don’t think all australians have the responsibility to become organ donnas because they might have a religion and some people’s parents would want to bury all of them.

  19. Maxim & Hugo says:

    If people don’t want to become a organ donor, they should not be have to.

  20. Jude says:

    I think they should only donate their organs if they want to and if they know it’s going to fit the person in hospital or if it doesn’t work they should have to be organ donors when they die.

  21. joel says:

    i think every one should be an organ donor to make people happy and most of all save peoples lives

  22. Eliza says:

    I don’t think every one should be a organ donor I think every one should chose but think more people should be organ donors.

  23. Claire says:

    I STRONGLY believe that people SHOULD choose to be organ donors rather than having it be made compulsory because people should CHOOSE if they want their bodies ripped open and their live organs taken from their bodies should they die.

  24. via says:

    i think you should get a choice because some people want to be buried whole

  25. Greta R says:

    I think that there should be an age to become an organ donor.

  26. Aleksei says:

    I disagree on the matter. I think donating your organs is a great thing to do, but I don’t think it should be compulsory. I can see why people would not want to do it. Personally, I think I would do it, since I would be dead and would not feel any pain, and, I would be helping someone else in need.
    Overall, I think its a great idea, but I can see why its not for everyone

  27. Ruby A says:

    I think that is a great idea to donate organs, but if you died of a car crash an you were an organ donator they could have got infected in the crash, it would make the patient even more sick. And if they got infected in the transition it wouldn’t be good either. So I think that is should be a choice to donate organs.

  28. Maya says:

    I would donate my organs but I;m not so comfortable with the idea of someone ripping my organs. when I went to the basketball, the melbourne tigers were sponsored by Lizzee’s shoe laces. She was a seven year old girl who died suddenly and her parents decided to donate her organs to someone in need. then they created her own charity for her. and all the players were wearing the laces that raise awareness about her charity.

  29. millym says:

    i don’t think people should be forced to be a organ donor because is you don’t want to do something you shouldn’t have to be forced to do it. i would recommend organ donor to everyone, you could save a life and besides you have no use of your organs when your dead.

  30. Lachie says:

    I don’t think that everybody should be an organ donator because if you go passed a lot of people who smoke then your lungs would’t be health and the doctors might not know that so the person who needs the lungs might get a dodgy pair.

  31. Jack says:

    I think that people should have the choice of organ donating. For example, parents could go and murder someone because their kid is sick and needs a transplant. Also, people have rights and making them have to donate their organs is not human rights.

  32. ravi says:

    I strongly believe people should have the choice. donating organs is a great way to help those in need. but I think we should have a choice. we can not be forced, as they are our organs.

  33. raf says:

    i believe you should not have to become an organ donor because some people (like me) do not feel comfortable doing that. but i think it is a very good cause as well.

  34. Wil says:

    No, because:
    Reason 1: It should be a personal choice because there are some people out that don’t like the idea of having their organs cut out and put into someone else’s body.
    Reason 2: If you were an organ donor you might be scared of knowing that when you die your organ will be put into someone else’s body.

  35. Tina Winn says:

    I love everyone’s replies but if you all are interested I can get someone who can come talk to you about organ donation and how awesome it is and yes there are religious reasons not to donate but lots more people that don’t have these beliefs donate all the time and the stories are amazing. There are actually some amazing stories closer than you know I would love to share and get others to as well. Keep open minds is the key to all opinions on all different matters. I’m a specialised nurse in the ICU at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

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