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April, 2014


    PMpTue, 29 Apr 2014 20:15:34 -040015Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

      Should Australia be a Monarchy or a Republic?

    Prince William, Kate and their little baby George have been touring Australia. With the Royals visiting our country, once again an age old question has been raised. Should we or should we not be aligned with the Queen? With such a high interest in Kate and the baby, does this mean that as a nation we love being a monarchy? Or do we need to move on from the Royal family? Find our own traditions and cultures to aspire to.


    PMpSun, 27 Apr 2014 21:24:46 -040024Sunday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

      Knitting Club

    We had such an overwhelming response to our knitting club in the first week and we would like to thank all the children who attended. Thank you also to the teachers who came along and assisted us. Thanks Anne Maree and Luisa. Also a big thank you to Hebo’s mum who came along to help.

    Trying to cast on and instruct many children how to knit can be tricky. Parents and grandparents are welcome to come along on, Thursday’s at lunch time 11.10 and 11.40 am, and help. If your child is interested in knitting can you please send them along to school with a pair of knitting needles and wool (we have some supplies but they were limited on the day). It would be a great help if parents could cast on (about 40 stitches for a blanket square) and knit a couple of rows to start your child off.

    Thanks again for your support

    Jessica and SiaIMG_7735



  3. 1 to 1 Laptop Reimage

    PMpWed, 23 Apr 2014 21:54:01 -040054Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Dear parents,
    During the first few weeks of term two, the school’s ICT technician will commence reimaging all year four, five and six student 1 to1 MacBooks. This process will result in all 1 to 1 MacBooks in the school having the same software and settings which will ensure a more efficient 1 to 1 program and reduced technical issues for students.
    The reimaging process will delete all data that is stored on the MacBook so it is essential that all student data and work is backed up on a USB stick or external hard drive before the computer is reimaged. Please note that ‘Time Machine’ backups arenot an appropriate backup format for this process. (please see Keith should you require more information about this)
    We are asking that parents ensure that their students data is backed up as soon as possible so that the reimaging process can run quickly and smoothly and loss of student data can be avoided.
    Thank you,
    Keith McNeill
    1 to 1 MacBook Coordinator

  4. Changing Passwords

    AMpFri, 04 Apr 2014 01:29:29 -040029Friday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    login-username-password-460x268Dear Parents,

    If students need to change the password on their 1 to 1 MacBook for any reason, they need to fill out a tech support form and hand it in to their teachers so that the technician can complete the change with them.

    Many of the technical issues that are presenting at the moment are a result of students changing their own passwords.

    Many thanks

    Keith McNeill

    1 to 1 Coordinator

  5. Knitting for the Penguins

    PMpThu, 03 Apr 2014 22:58:24 -040058Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog


    This is an article from the above website:

    Knitted penguin jumpers 

    This is not a fashion statement!

    These knitted penguin jumpers play an important role in saving little penguins affected by oil pollution. A patch of oil the size of a thumb nail can kill a little penguin. Oiled penguins often die from exposure and starvation. Oil separates and mats feathers, allowing water to get in which makes a penguin very cold, heavy and less able to successfully hunt for food.

    When oiled penguins are admitted to the Wildlife Clinic at Phillip Island Nature Parks, a knitted jumper is placed on the penguins to prevent them from preening and swallowing the toxic oil before they are washed and the oil removed by staff.

    453 little penguins were affected by the last major oil spill near Phillip Island in 2001. 96% were successfully saved and rehabilitated at the Wildlife Clinic and released back into the wild.

    Other websites for your information:

    Knitters wanted for penguin pullovers – ABC Melbourne – Australian…/penguin-jumper-pattern-2014.pdf

  6. Knitting Club – Term 2

    PMpThu, 03 Apr 2014 22:54:40 -040054Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog




    Knitting Club
    In term 2 and 3, Sia (year 2) and Jessica (Prep) will be starting a knitting club at lunchtime. The knitting club has two aims, one to develop knitting skills and secondly for the more competent knitters to knit for the penguins. As part of our whole school inquiry into ‘Change’, How can we be the change we want to see in the world?

    We are knitting jumpers for penguins who have been caught up in oil spills.
    More information can be viewed from the following website:…/wildlife-rehabilitation/‎

    The knitting club will be held on Thursday at the start of lunch break until 11.40am.  We would appreciate if children brought along their own needles and wool.  Experienced parent, teacher and student helpers are welcome. 



  7. Maths Information Night

    AMpWed, 02 Apr 2014 01:49:10 -040049Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Maths Games Night

    The teachers in your child’s neighbourhood will be conducting a maths information night on Tuesday the 6th of May from 5 to 6pm.  The information night will be held in your child’s neighbourhood and will focus on how games can be utilised for developing conceptual understanding in number and numeration.

    The maths night will build on the parent information night presented by Professor Di Seimon last term.  If you were unable to attend on that night, you can access the Professor Siemen’s notes by visiting your child’s neighbourhood blog.

    During the information night, explicit links will be made on the kinds of misconceptions that the games might expose and provide interpretations of what different student responses might mean with some practical ideas to address particular learning needs.  Games encourage students to talk about and share their ideas in a cooperative atmosphere. The night will also explore question techniques that parents can use to allow their children to further develop their thoughts.

    We look forward to seeing you there.  It promises to be both an informative and fun evening.

    Warm Regards,

    Tim Aris

  8. Kids Matter Parent Survey

    PMpTue, 01 Apr 2014 23:27:26 -040027Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog


    Dear Parents,

    Princes Hill Primary School has taken up the Australian Government initiative called KidsMatter. The school’s KidsMatter action team is currently collecting data from the school community to assist in the planning and implementation of the framework. We would be grateful if you could take the time to complete the online survey that is attached (approx. 15 mins).

    Thank You

    The Survey can be accessed here


    PMpTue, 01 Apr 2014 17:38:10 -040038Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Should the government spend money trying to save species with little chance of survival?

     Should we try to save every animal facing extinction? That’s the question being asked after a new UN climate report card said Australia will continue to get hotter in the future and because of that some native species might face extinction. The government spends a lot of money trying to stop native animals from dying out. But some scientists say we should ONLY put that money towards helping some of them. It’s a controversial idea so here’s Emma with the debate.



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