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Maths Information Night

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Maths Games Night

The teachers in your childís neighbourhood will be conducting a maths information night on Tuesday the 6th of May from 5 to 6pm.The information night will be held in your childís neighbourhood and will focus on how games can be utilised for developing conceptual understanding in number and numeration.

The maths night will build on the parent information night presented by Professor Di Seimon last term.† If you were unable to attend on that night, you can access the Professor Siemenís notes by visiting your childís neighbourhood blog.

During the information night, explicit links will be made on the kinds of misconceptions that the games might expose and provide interpretations of what different student responses might mean with some practical ideas to address particular learning needs. †Games encourage students to talk about and share their ideas in a cooperative atmosphere. The night will also explore question techniques that parents can use to allow their children to further develop their thoughts.

We look forward to seeing you there.† It promises to be both an informative and fun evening.

Warm Regards,

Tim Aris


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