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    Should Australia be a Monarchy or a Republic?

Prince William, Kate and their little baby George have been touring Australia. With the Royals visiting our country, once again an age old question has been raised. Should we or should we not be aligned with the Queen? With such a high interest in Kate and the baby, does this mean that as a nation we love being a monarchy? Or do we need to move on from the Royal family? Find our own traditions and cultures to aspire to.


  1. Jarrah says:

    I’m really not sure about this one. Becoming a republic could take a long time, but it could be beneficial to the country. We could follow our own traditions and grow into a mature, independent country. And on the other hand the british act as supervisors and support the democracy. This is a tricky topic and I have a neutral position.

  2. Ayden.Domanic.Tarola says:

    I think that Australia should become a republic because Australia is a totally different country to england and all the other countries in the monarchy. So i think that should become a republic.

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