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  1. Literacy – Text for LA Task – QAR Framework

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    Read over the below text a few times. Using the QAR framework that you learnt with Jacinta last week, please write up three question and answers for each of the following categories: Right There, Think and Search, Author and You, On My Own. This can be given to you teacher during conferencing on Friday.

      Art of the selfie: Cal State Long Beach student installs iPhone mirror

    By Michael Morris

    What started as a project just meant to be fun has turned into something bigger than senior graphic design major Gabe Ferreira ever expected.

    In Professor Craig Stone’s art and public places class, Ferreira and his classmates were asked to find a problem on campus and figure out a way to fix that problem through public art. Given the digital world we live in, Ferreira had the idea of constructing a seven-foot iPhone mirror that reflects how people live on their phones.

    “I’m trying to comment on the fact that we live inside our phones now,” Ferreira said. “I just think (CSULB) is a beautiful campus and people shouldn’t be so focused on their phones the whole time.”

    “Screen Identity,” as Ferreira calls his artwork that cost $140 in materials and 30 hours in labor, wasn’t meant to be a selfie stop for students, but it certainly turned out that way. More than 150 selfies were uploaded to social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr with the “#ultimateselfie” hashtag that he had assigned after installation.

    “Originally I didn’t even expect people to take selfie and put them online,” Ferreira said. “The whole idea was that you’re walking by and it’s big enough that it frames your whole body.”

    Before it could be placed on campus, Ferreira had to present the project to a group that oversees the art, including Brett Waterfield, director of Student Life and Development. Waterfield, who looks at about 30 to 50 works of art made by CSULB

    students each semester, allowed the piece to stay out longer than planned.

    “I facilitate the process here, and sometimes we have to do minor tweaks,” Waterfield said.

    “Because we are in the flight path with the airport, we had to make sure there was no reflection with incoming planes to the airport.”

    But once they knew that wouldn’t be a problem, the iPhone was placed against a tree on upper campus and the selfies began to pour in.


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