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    Which of the following: Health, Education, Welfare, Defence, Aid and Research, Transport and Communication do you think needs the most money? Why?

In around a week, we’ll see just how the federal government is going to spend the country’s money over the next year. They’ve made no surprise of the fact they’re trying to find big savings. But if you were treasurer, what would you spend the most on? And where would you cut back?

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  1. Bella Miller says:

    I think they all need around the same amount of money because they are all equally important.
    Health-we all have the right to live and have a enjoyable life, right? Or is it just me?
    Education- to give Australia a bright future you need to have smart, clever, talented people.
    Welfare- every one is a equal human and deserves to have a happy life.
    Defence- if there is random bomb or something we need to be ready if we want to live.
    Aid and research- no one will get any where with out them if you want to discover something.
    Transport and communication- every one needs to get around some how, and if we can’t communicate means we can’t share and develop ideas in which means there will be less amazingness in the future that we could have had.
    So every thing has a good enough reason to have money devoted to it and room to be developed in.

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