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Week 2 Learning Agreement

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Hi Everyone,
You’ll notice our Learning Agreement looks different this term. We’re trying to make this document more interactive and personalised by guiding the children to identify and highlight their learning tasks and goals themselves. Whilst all students are currently being given support, we do anticipate that many will be able to highlight their targets/tasks with greater independence and confidence soon. We would like to assure you that all students are being supported, and ongoing additional guidance will be provided for students who require it. The idea is that the LA tasks will be specific to the learning needs of each child. You should notice these working documents getting busier and busier as we progress into term 3!  If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to discuss with any of the 5/6 teachers.

Week 2_Term 3_LA.docx



  1. Xxxxxxx says:

    My only comment on the Learning agreement is that I’ve not seen one come home with my daughter yet this term? Should we be expecting them to come home every Friday?

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