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Dear 5/6 Families,

We would like to invite you to our Change Expo. This Expo will present the ideas, influences and creations the students have developed during their investigation into,

“What drives and motivates change?”

Some students have worked on ‘pop-ups’, investigating what it means to affect change in the attitudes, behaviours and understandings of others. Another group of students have investigated people who have made change through their significant contributions to society. The final group have explored various changes that have occurred in society through invention, shifting paradigms and adaptation.

The Expo is being held in the 5/6 neighbourhood on Thursday 18th of September and will be open to the parents anytime between 5-6pm.

It is encouraged that all students attend the Expo at this time, to present their learning to the parent community. The doors will be open at 4:50 for students to come in and prepare for their presentations.

We apologise for the late notice of this invitation, however we look forward to seeing you there!

~  5/6 Team

(Robert, Tash, Anna, Tim & Kate and all of the 5/6 students)


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