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How to write a good quality comment

  1. Compliment the writer in a specific way, ask a question, and/or add new information to the post.
  2. Write your comment about the post. There are often ideas at the bottom of the post about what you could comment about.
  3. Check your comment for correct spelling, spacing and punctuation before you submit it.
  4. Don’t reveal any personal information about yourself in your comment.  (Eg: no surnames)
  5. Be nice!
  6. When making comments about BTN or specific questions, use your knowledge about persuasive texts. Eg: Make your aguments powerful. Use emotive language. Engage your audience.

smiley_010Parents and students are encouraged to make comments on our blog. These comments must be approved by a teacher before they are published!

What Students / Teachers Can Learn From Blogging

Practising Literacy and Digital Literacy Skills: A blog requires a lot of reading and writing as well as communicating and conversing with others. Persuasive writing skills can be developed by responding to the Behind The News Program where students are required to watch contemporary issues and justify their opinions through text.

Authentic Audience: In the traditional classroom, the only audience for student work was the teacher and sometimes classmates and parents. Blogs provide a much larger audience for student work and an avenue for feedback and self-improvement through commenting.

◦Sense of Community: Creating a class blog requires teamwork and collaboration. Students and teachers learn and share their learning together. A real sense of classroom community can be developed through blogging and establishing a class /neighbourhood identity.

◦Global Connections: This can be one of the most exciting benefits of blogging. Blogging can help flatten the classroom walls and we hope to get to know many classes across the world.

ICT Skills: Blogging assists students to become more ICT literate which is an important 21st century skill. Through blogging, we are able to incidentally discuss many ICT skills such as researching online and troubleshooting.

Home- School Partnerships: Through reading a blog, families can be a part of what is happening in our neighbourhood and have real time access to their child’s education.

◦Appropriate Online Behaviours: Everyone will agree that teaching students to be safe online is an important issue. You caa’t just do one off lessons on cyber safety. Cyber safety is not a separate subject. Through being heavily involved in blogging, students have opportunities almost every day to discuss cyber safety issues and appropriate online behaviours in an authentic setting.

Confidence: We have found that students really take pride in their work that goes on the blog and want to do their best for their impending audience. Students can gain self-confidence from being part of a class blog and demonstrating their achievements.

Overall, blogging is a platform for everything. It is a fantastic place to start for teachers and students who want to learn about technology. Additionally, there are so many wonderful Web 2.0 tools out there which have so much more value when you can embed them in a blog.

With thanks to @kathleen_morris (a fantastic teacher to follow on twitter and an expert in blogging / web2 technologies)   (Kathleen’s Blog is brilliant)




  1. Jude and Kerem says:

    Genius Hour is very exciting I really like how you get to choose what you want to do-Jude

    Genius hour is fantastic, I like the creativity-Kerem

  2. Jude and Jordan says:

    -Jude: I think People should be paid because there just working like everyone else It doesn’t matter if there 75 or 40 they should be paid the same.

    -Jordan: Ithink they should be paid because they are working as hard as professionals.

  3. jake.Yun says:

    frist i thought that the bowling ball was just a ball that has rocks in it but it isn’t like that is have 10000000000billions of random stuffs

  4. Jude says:

    I think Kids should be taught to fix cars because if your car gets damaged or something is gone in the engine you will know how to do it.

  5. Jude says:

    The difference between a meteoroid and a astroid is the a astroid is made of a lot of metal combined and a meteoroid is little bits of the astroid.

  6. jake.Yun says:

    well i learned about food poison from behind the news
    well the stuff you buy from Coles or other shops might not be the right food it might be a horse meat.

  7. Jake.YUN says:

    Well i found out that you can get money by recycling if you live in South Australia.
    well i will tell you how it work.
    say you buy a cane or a bottle then after you finished drinking you go to the recycling
    centre then you give the cane or the drink bottle then they will give you money.

  8. Jude says:

    I think people should not be allowed to bet because there are people who will lose and at night will get drunk and get rage and then get angry destroy everything but people can win a lot of money in the lotto and other betting should be banned to so I think that people should not be allowed to bet.

  9. Mai .s says:

    my favorite sport is basketball, because it is fun to throw the ball around.

  10. Mai .s says:

    myfavourite sport is basketball, becaus it’s really fun to throw the ball around. I think it is the best sport in the world.

  11. Maya .H says:

    I think basketball is the best sport I play it on a saturday I really like it and I think I’m pretty lucky so far because I have got 2 gold medals so far and if you ask me how many seasons I’ve played I will Probably say 2.

    I really like basetball because it’s a team sport so you don’t have to do every thing and you can still win or at least tie. I think it’s good to have contact in the game because it’s really boring otherwise, even though you get fowls I’ve been fowled out before in the first game of season 2 if you get fowled out it means you have 5 personal fowls if you have i think 16 team fowls it means your team is automaticly disqualified.

  12. lana says:

    My favourite hobby is riding my bike . I like riding my bike ,I want to smell the fresh air.Riding my bike when my dad is around I think it is good because my body move a lot and I get very active and being healthy .

  13. Marcus says:

    My great hobby is going bike riding,going to the beach, and playing football and soccer. I like bike riding because it keeps your energy up, makes me fit and it’s good for you.
    I like going to the beach because you can catch up with your family and friends.
    I like it in the water with my dad,friends and cousins.
    I play football and footsal. It is great to be part of a good team.

  14. Jake Yun says:

    I think that it would be fun if i was in the community radio studio, and talking about the weather and the stories about what is going around the world and stuff like that.

    I think that dog sledding would be very fun and i think it would be fun at snow and in the muddy puddle!!!

  15. Jake Yun says:

    So maybe you should try The Community radio and the Dog Sledding!!!!!

  16. Jake Yun says:

    Well i think that the spy’s should not be able to see and hear what people are says in there phones or on Skype or something that you talk, because you might be talking something in private or something like that.
    but in the other point the spy should see what we are doing,it’s because that we might be rubber or a teriset and so it’s like they should see and hear what we are doing
    and the spy’s should not see and hear what we are doing.

  17. Jake Yun says:

    Dear Mr Rudd

    Hello Mr Rudd
    well i think that we shouldn’t make money for us
    we should send %50 of the money that we make to the poor
    all the people’s are our family and we should help them
    but this is just my side

  18. Jude says:

    Dear Kevin Rudd,
    I disagree with your PNG plan because these guys are about to get killed or are in great danger and I think you should build a country with a lot of food and out on sea where it’s call ed asylum land and they can live there.

    I also disagree the way some schools around the country because they are quite poor so I think you should donate a lot of money to those schools. Also I think you should build new schools closer to peoples houses so then people don’t have to drive everywhere and pollute the air with gas.

    Finally, I think you should donate a lot of money to hospitals and other places to keep people healthy.

    Kind Regards,

  19. Jude says:

    I went to Canberra and we stayed at Capital Holiday Village. We went to the AIS,Parliament,High court,War Memorial,Questacon,Old Parliament House,International Flag Display,Telstra Tower and much more. When We went to the war memorial and that the people that died were given red poppies.The AIS compete in 22 sports and when they started only competed in 6 sports they started the AIS because Australia weren’t getting many olympic medals. I Really liked Canberra and I gave it a 8/10 it was a great camp. I really enjoyed Ice Skating and Swimming.

  20. Jake Yun says:

    i don’t think that you will die by getting punched in a huge pillow but you could die if you get
    punched in a hard stone or a brick in the ground.
    it’s really sad how the typhoon hit the Philippines and i hope if everything get’s fixed and repaired.

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