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  1. Yr 6 Graduation

    PMpMon, 16 Dec 2013 22:02:24 -040002Monday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Last Thursday night (12th of December) the year 6 students had their graduation. We had a fabulous dinner followed by great speeches that finished with an after party at the Parkville Bowls Club. We would like to thank Kathryn, Rhonda and all of the other parent helpers for making the 2013 graduation absolutely fantastic. We had a great time and will miss this school very much.

    By Holly and Viarne

  2. Urban Park: Maths Presentations to Simon Ellis (Student post)

    PMpThu, 19 Sep 2013 22:43:08 -040043Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Today a landscape architect called Simon Ellis came in to our school and spoke to us about his job. He showed us a†PowerPoint that demonstrated the process he uses to design parks. There are lots of steps to†designing parks and some of his parks took 6 months to design. He used†$3000 software to help him draw the parks.

    Some of us wanted to share our parks. We all had different ideas, and†they were†all fantastic. We had a $1000,0000 budget but some people chose to use less. With our park design it had to cater for all ages and cultures and had to be 60,000m2. The hardest part of the project was doing all of the costings and getting the scale correct.

    It was a very enjoyable project because†it was very different and we loved the maths and design elements. It was very challenging.††† Jack, †Joel and Lucien



    IMG_1764[1] IMG_1765[1] IMG_1766[1] IMG_1767[1] IMG_1768[1]

  3. Hong Kong Exchange Students

    PMpThu, 12 Sep 2013 20:28:02 -040028Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Tomorrow 12 year 6 students depart from Melbourne airport†on their way to Hong-Kong.

    We will stay†one night in Hong Kong with our host family.†Then we will†drive to mainland†China†and meet our Chinese buddies. We will stay at their houses/apartments. and†going to school the very next day, for 4 days, then drive †back†to Hong Kong. We are very nervous, but also quite excited. We will have to be at the airport at 5:30 in the morning. Ezekiel (me) will have to bring coffee in case I have to sit next to Julia (who is not a morning person) so I can give it to her if she is grumpy. Stay tuned for more stuff on the blog!†††††Written Ezekiel, Liem and Julia (Who doesn’t know about the last part!!)

  4. I am Eleven (DVD Launch) (Student Post: Lily)

    PMpWed, 01 May 2013 21:19:05 -040019Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Last night I went to the I am eleven DVD launch at Readings. Genevieve Bailey (the director) talked about how she found all the kids and †what gave her the ideas for the documentory on eleven year olds. Two of the children in the†documentary,†Jamira and†Jack†also talked about how†they met her. I really enjoyed it because she†was very inspiring and interesting to listen to and watch. Meredith was there too.



  5. Divisional Swimming (Student post)

    PMpWed, 06 Mar 2013 20:04:02 -040004Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    On†Wednesday the 6th of March, 8 people went to the divisional†swimming sports.†Now there will be†7 students going to the next level which is the Regionals. I swam in freestyle and backstroke and came first in backstroke and second in freestyle.

    The students in year 5/6 who participated on Wednesday were Quade, George, Amelia, Seamus and me.

    It was a long, hot day but it was nice to compete for the school.††† by TILLY

  6. Footsteps Dancing (student post: Stefan)

    PMpWed, 27 Feb 2013 19:29:23 -040029Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Today the† 5 and 6s† were learning†about† dance with a teacher teacher named Bree. I learned how to†do the Tango dance with Bree. Today we also learned †how to do some “hiphop” moves. The students all enjoyed the class.†††† (Stefan)

  7. Neighbourhood 5/6 Sharing Their Learning at Assembly. (Student Post)

    AMpThu, 21 Feb 2013 00:13:45 -040013Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    †In the last few weeks, all the grade 5/6 students have been participating in Genius Hour.

    GH is a personal inquiry time where students are free to investigate something they are passionate about. †Itís a time for discovery, curiosity, creativity and thinking.

    Students have 2 hours in class time to complete their personal inquiry but they can also use some of their L.A time or home learning time. †On Fridays students have to present their GH inquiry to their peers.

    We have all enjoyed learning from others and there has been lots of positive feedback from students and parents.

    On Tuesday we heard about eight Genius Hour projects.

    Sascha: Computers and How They Work.

    George: The Evolution of Cars.

    Tilly: The Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

    Lilli: The History of Looney Tunes Characters

    Eloise: Japanese Flower Meanings

    Hugo: Favourite Animals

    Viarne: The History Of Microphones

    Michael: The Deadliest Snakes

    We made an iMovie trailer using the app iMovie on Meredithís iPad. We went around the classroom taking photos of people working on their ďGenius HourĒ project and put it into the iMovie. We also took some short movies to put in too.

    ††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Holly and Alice

  8. What All Students Should Know! YAPPY Stay Safe Online

    AMpMon, 29 Oct 2012 05:56:56 -040056Monday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    YAPPY from Meredith flanner on Vimeo.

    Remind your child to keep personal information private. YAPPY is a useful acronym to remind children of the personal information they should not share on public online spaces (blogs, forums,social media, etc.) Your full name, address, phone number, passwords, your plans.

    (Thanks to Kathleen Morris)

  9. InterSchool Sport: Cricket

    PMpThu, 25 Oct 2012 23:42:07 -040042Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    At Interschool sport this week we played cricket and our school has two teams. Both teams won both games by a large margin. It was really fun but it was windy so the ball kept on going off course when you bowled. It was a very long walk there but it was okay. Nick S.



  10. Lexi’s Exchange Program to Hong Kong (Student Post)

    PMpWed, 24 Oct 2012 19:33:44 -040033Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

  11. Our Trip to New York (Student Post Joe and Sam)

    PMpThu, 11 Oct 2012 22:08:07 -040008Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    In the holidays we (Sam and Joe) went to New York! We travelled for sixteen hours over the Pacific Ocean to LAX (Los Angeles) and took aconnecting flight to New York (JFK). For the first week of our trip, we stayed in Midtown Manhattan in a place called Murray Hill. During this week, we saw sights such as the Empire State Building, The Chrysler building, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Woolworth tower, The Rockefeller Centre, Times Square, The NY Public Library, The UN Headquarters; and other things such as going to Macy’s, FAO Schwartz and MoMA.

    In the next week we stayed in the Upper West Side, which is probably the only place in New York that you could actually live in. Some of the highlights were Central Park, The American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Harlem, The Frick, The Guggenheim, A Show On Broadway Called Nice Work If You Can Get It!, and Some Jazz at a Jazz Club.

    On the final week we stayed in the West Village. We loved the Highline, Brooklyn, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, The Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, But we really enjoyed shopping and walking around!

    Sam and Joe

    (We used some green screen apps and tricky technology to re-create these pictures)

  12. Micah’s Post. (I Raised $325 for Just Salvos) Great Effort Micah

    PMpThu, 11 Oct 2012 19:50:33 -040050Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Lately I have felt sorry for those who have nothing, and I wanted to make a difference so I started fundraising for Just Salvos (The Salvation Army’s 3rd world fundraising program). I started off by buying 2 chickens, a health kit, a writing tablet and pencils for a child, 2 sacks of toys for children and 2 childrens feeding programs from $125 of my pocket and birthday money. Then I started a breakfast service for the people in the Salvo Training College, ( the apartment type place where I live ) where I would make and deliver breakfast (I was famous for my grilled cheese and bacon toast). I raised another $200 and bought a water tank and flood relief. You can help too by coming to the Salvo College and asking for your free Just Gifts catalouge.






  13. Our Excursion Student Post

    PMpMon, 17 Sep 2012 20:05:05 -040005Monday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    On Friday the 14th we went out of school to Zak Surfboards on an excursion. We had emailed the staff in advance and also negotiated with Esme about the time of the excursion. At the store, one of the staff talked us through the maths involved in shaping and designing surfboards. We got a lot of measurements for fins, boards and leg ropes. They told us a lot about the volume of the board and about how it relates to the size of the waves you are riding and how you measure the waves. The main way was the Hawaiian way, which was measured from the back of the wave. We found out that 1.25L of volume=1kg of you weight. It was really helpful at the end of the excursion when they gave us fin and board catalogues.
    Hugo, Theo and Will

  14. Storm Boy Poll by Betty Student Post

    PMpThu, 13 Sep 2012 23:32:46 -040032Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

  15. Real Life Maths by Katelyn

    PMpThu, 13 Sep 2012 23:11:48 -040011Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    For the past week we have been working on our maths projects. It has been really fun so far. We are using lots of aspects of maths. For example we have been using money, measurement, number and space.

    Here is a screen shot from the start of my project. I will share it when finished.

  16. Student Post. Hugo asks “Who will win the AFL Grandfinal and why?

    PMpTue, 11 Sep 2012 22:42:21 -040042Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    “Who will win the AFL Grandfinal and why?

  17. Our Visit to Princes Hill Secondary College (Student Post)

    PMpThu, 23 Aug 2012 19:59:13 -040059Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    On Thursday the 23rd, the grade 6s went to Princes Hill Secondary College. We all had a great time on the tour and saw most of the secondary classes. We had a sport class with Bayden & Bernie. They are great sport teachers. We played soft hockey, soccer & war ball. Most people in our class liked war ball the best because it was basically dodge ball and everyone was involved. Soft hockey was fun but some children were kind of confused at the start. After sport we had recess. The school provided us with apples & oranges. They were very tasty. We saw most grade 6’s from last year, Most people said, “Hello” and we had great conversations.

    Betty Ariel


  18. The Fantasy Shed by Salma (Gr 5)

    AMpFri, 27 Jul 2012 00:05:54 -040005Friday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Today we watched 3 short animations from the Fantasy Shed. One was called Erol. One was called Something Fishy and the last one was called Adrift. We learnt that fantasy is not real, is make believe, uses imagination and you can travel to other magical lands!

    My favourite animation was Something Fishy because the girl ends up inside the washing machine and all of the sea creatures are made of clothes. She finally got away from the “trousers” which was in he shape of a shark. The animations are great because they are interesting and good for school children. SALMA

    These Screen shots are images and not movies!!

  19. The Literacy Shed: Marshmallow! Student Post: Muna and Viarne

    PMpThu, 19 Jul 2012 22:55:44 -040055Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Today we were introduced to a website called The Literacy Shed. We looked at two films. Two very different and entertaining films. The first one we looked at was called Marshmallow and the second one was called Replay (An Amazing Apocolyptic Film). While we were watching these films we had to: Make Predictions, Make Connections, Visualise, Summaries and Reflect. We had to use Adjectives, Similes and Onomatopoeia (describe sounds ROOOAR).

    Some of our describing words for the monster in Marshmallow we used were, enonormous, slimy, big eyed, dangerous and angry. A simile we used was as scary as a ghost!

    Some onomatopoeia sounds we used were Boom, Crash, EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK and Kabooooshhh!

    We have taken a screen shot from the film,” Marshmallow.”

    Muna and Viarne Grade 5FM



  20. I am Eleven: Student Post: Olympia

    AMpSat, 23 Jun 2012 01:13:42 -040013Saturday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    On Friday the 22nd of June, Genevieve Bailey (the creator) of the movie came to our school to tell us about the new movie she has made. The movie will come out on the 5th of July. (Cinema Nova) The movie is about children from around the world who have been interviewed about what they thought of the world. It took Genevieve 5 years to make the movie and all the money was from her own pocket. She is promoting the movie by doing radio interviews and she will be interviewed on the tv show, The Circle.She will be visiting some schools to tell them about her wonderful movie. She is the owner, producer, editor, and director of the movie. Her company is called Proud Mother. Olympia

  21. Malthouse Theatre Excursion: Student Post: Ana

    AMpSat, 23 Jun 2012 00:30:21 -040030Saturday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    On the 22nd of June the costume and set design group went on an excursion to the Malthouse Theatre to see how a show is run. We were told what roles were needed for a production to run successfully and what skills were needed to be part of a production.

    We looked at some scale models of set designs for different plays. We were told about the process of making a set design. The set design has to fit in with the play and the costumes.

    We also looked at some of the costume designs and the costumes have to also fit in with the mood of the play.

    We learnt about the different rooms used at a theatre. The Green roomis where the actors can chill out, get a snack or have a little rest. The dressing room is where the actors get dressed and ready for the play. The wardrope room is where the costumes are made ans stored.

    Some of the people at the theatre told us how they came to be working in the theatre. The excursion was fun and I’m sure everyone that went learnt something important. Ana

  22. Interschool Sport Soccer: Eason

    PMpThu, 31 May 2012 22:40:02 -040040Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

  23. Interschool Sport t-ball Aiden

    PMpThu, 31 May 2012 22:28:01 -040028Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    We have now played four rounds now in T-ball and PHPS is getting good feedback, I think we are playing well, I really like Mike running T-ball and I am enjoying it a lot! It’s¬†been fun!¬†¬† Aiden

  24. Crazy Hat and Hair Day Student Posts

    PMpThu, 31 May 2012 22:21:05 -040021Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    On Wedensday we had the crazy hair and hat day.The aim of this fundraiser was for as many people as possible to dress up in crazy hat or hair to raise money for the SSR (State Schools Relief) who help financially troubled families with buying school uniforms and shoes.We had a brilliant turnout of $433.00 intotal.   Isabel JSC

  25. Grade5SkiFree

    PMpWed, 23 May 2012 21:17:00 -040017Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Today we had a visit from representatives¬†of Tourism Victoria¬† who talked to us about Grade 5 Ski Free. We watched a video at the start and then a snowboarder called Belle Brockoff talked to us about skiing and snowboarding and what she does. The grade 5’s are going to get a free ski pass they may use for this ski season. Belle is an Australian champion, is ranked 9th in the world in her event ¬†and has dreams to compete for Australia at the Winter Olympics in 2014.¬†¬† Holly / Meredith

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