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  1. Nude Food

    PMpSun, 16 Feb 2014 22:31:10 -040031Sunday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Lunch boxes at Princes Hill Primary

     In order to reduce waste and rubbish on our school grounds at Princes Hill primary asks all it’s students to keep any waste from their lunchbox and take it home to be recycled or sent to landfill. We celebrate the efforts of parents and students to create nude food lunches. Nude food lunches are lunches that don’t have any waste such as wrappers, plastic or even things that can be recycled such as bottles or cardboard. Here are some photographs of some nude food lunches that have been spotted so far this year. Thanks for any effort in this direction. It makes a difference.


  2. Rockets Away!

    AMpWed, 27 Nov 2013 07:07:07 -040007Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    On Tuesday the 27th of November the neighbourhood had its first test-launch of our bottle rockets.  Thanks to some quick thinking by members of the local newsmedia*, a few of the launches have been caught on camera blazing into the atmosphere/treetops.


    * J.Y.

  3. Communications Working Party (Parent News)

    AMpSun, 03 Nov 2013 04:14:52 -040014Sunday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Communications Working Party
    Effective communication between primary schools and families has been shown to play a critical role in the achievement levels of students. The Princes Hill Primary School communications working party are developing an improved communication strategy for the school. The strategy is based around the principles of improved approachability, stronger family engagement, enhanced learning outcomes, and greater student involvement.
    The Year 2 blog has been modified along the lines of these discussions and all parents and students are encouraged to explore the site and provide feedback on this format and any of the other forms of communication they receive from PHPS.
    If you have some ideas about what we can do better as a school in communicating, talk to us.

    Please send your comments to or if you would like to discuss this further contact me on 0413 012 177. Allison Kealy

  4. BTN (Student Responses)

    AMpTue, 29 Oct 2013 02:45:21 -040045Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Now it’s probably pretty obvious that if you’re near a pedestrian crossing you should use it. But did you know that not using it or crossing the road in the wrong way can land you with a fine?
    Should pedestrians be fined for crossing the road incorrectly?

    Thanks BTN

  5. Just to rub it in a bit more…..

    PMpSun, 06 Oct 2013 22:12:37 -040012Sunday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    We won

  6. A happy Hawker….From Meredith

    PMpSun, 06 Oct 2013 22:09:36 -040009Sunday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Donald "Hawk"

  7. The Canberra Experience 2013

    AMpSun, 06 Oct 2013 01:49:11 -040049Sunday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Here are some of the photographic highlights from our recent trip to the ACT.  Unfortunately there is no music due to licensing issues.  We had hoped to present it at the last assembly of term three; however, this was not possible.

    Better late than never, enjoy!

  8. Skate Skills Workshop

    AMpSun, 06 Oct 2013 00:54:54 -040054Sunday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    At the end of term four, a number of keen skateboarding enthusiasts had the opportunity to participate in a short skateboarding workshop that was held at PHPS.  Thanks to all those involved!  Keep it up!

    Highlights from the skateboarding incursion.

    Highlights from the skateboarding incursion.

  9. Promote Recycling for The City of Yarra!

    AMpTue, 03 Sep 2013 08:41:45 -040041Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    To Princes Hill Primary students:

    A culture of recycling and less littering

    Yarra is running a competition where students can create a drawing, art work, or a rap, about recycling, or not littering.    The art that we think gets the message across well, we’ll put on Yarra’s public bins - the ones with the metal cages.  There are 400 of the bins in Yarra City. Schools can target the issues and the bins in their local area. Yarra will promote the raps through websites, radio and events.

    The art will fit inside special perspex holders that clip onto the metal bin cages, so the work is protected from the weather.  The holders are A3 or A4 in size.  We can put holders on four sides of the bin, so students could have a theme or tell a story in one, two, three or four posters.

    The main prize is ‘being involved in the project’, and getting their art on display to change people’s behaviour about recycling and littering:  and with the raps, publicising those on the web and radio to have the messages ring home.

    We’ll have individual prizes of eco-fleece jackets and Hungry Bins – a super compost bin – and support for the schools  – and more.

    Yours in sustainability

    Kirsty Richards, City of Yarra

    Waste Education Projects Officer, 0428 503 942Reuse-Reduce-Recycle

  10. Canberra Trip / PACER

    PMpMon, 02 Sep 2013 23:34:27 -040034Monday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    A big thanks to PACER  (Parliament and Civics Education Rebate) who provides schools with a subsidy travelling more than 150 kilometres from Canberra to visit sites which helps with civics and citizenship courses and understandings for students.

    Princes Hill Primary School visited Parliament House, Old Parliament House, ( The National Electoral Education Centre) the Australian War Memorial, The High Court of Australia, The National Museum of Australia, The Nation Gallery of Australia, The Royal Australian Mint,  Questacon and the National Planning Display.

    Students have returned from their Canberra trip with greater understandings about how our parliamentary system works and will be able to apply these understandings when investigating our inquiry into Power.


    What are some of your reflections about our recent trip to Canberra?

  11. Alice and Lilli (Beyond Blue Hawthorn / Collingwood Cup)

    PMpSun, 18 Aug 2013 18:59:35 -040059Sunday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Two of our students attended the Beyond Blue game between Collingwood and Hawthorn. They asked the Chanel 7 reporters to hold the cup and guess what???

    It was a bonus with Hawthorn winning!

    Beyond Blue Game IMG_0478

  12. The Suitcase Project: unpacking our inner selves.

    AMpThu, 01 Aug 2013 03:14:30 -040014Thursday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Over the course of term three, the 5/6 neighbourhood will be addressing the question “who am I?” through Artist in Residence Ulli Birve.

    Please visit the the PHPS Specialists Blog for more information.

  13. Get involved with The PHPS Gardening Club.

    AMpTue, 30 Jul 2013 04:04:51 -040004Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    The Gardening Club establishing our new garden beds in March 2013… what a difference a season makes!

    The Gardening Club establishing our new garden beds in March 2013… what a difference a season makes!

    PHPS Gardening Club Committee Invites You…

    A meeting of the Gardening Club will be held on Monday 5 August 5.00-6.00pm in the Meeting Room, new red brick building.

    Please come along and support the Committee and our gardening plans!




    PMpTue, 16 Jul 2013 18:47:03 -040047Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog


    Working with a partner:

    For the FIRST part of your blog post you will need to answer the same three questions about the science demonstration you see today.

    1) What are the science ideas being covered and how are they useful?

    2) How are these ideas demonstrated?

    3) What could you do to alter or improve the demonstration?

    For the SECOND part of your blog post you will need to investigate some useful science sites for kids and give a brief review on one of them thinking about:

    1) How clearly they explain the science ideas – are they easy to understand?

    2) Whether or not there are any interactive elements – games, manipulative elements, videos etc.

    3) Explain what was the highlight of the website – the best part in your opinion.


  15. Finding the Science

    AMpMon, 15 Jul 2013 10:08:39 -040008Monday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog


    Your mission young scientists is to investigate and blog about an exciting, curious, or otherwise appealing scientific demonstration you come across online.  A great place to start is YouTube; however, you may already have a good idea in mind.  Working in pairs your blog response to this post should include a hyperlink (so we can find it again) as well as an answer to the following:

    1) What is the science idea that is being covered?

    2) How has it been demonstrated?

    3) What could you do to alter or improve the demonstration?


    Here is my example:

    1)   This video deals with multiple concepts and uses ratio to explain the way hot air can lift a balloon into the air.

    2)   The concept was demonstrated through a series of experiments, models and video footage of genuine hot-air balloons in flight.

    3)   They offered some suggestions of their own for ways of improving their experiment.  Perhaps they could have experimented with some different types of fuel to heat the air.  In their videos they stick to using candles of various sizes.


    If you are stuck for ideas some very good places to start:


    AMpWed, 26 Jun 2013 04:50:51 -040050Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Over the past few weeks the students have been working collaboratively in small groups to explore the maths found in sport.  The results were impressive and included a broad range of important maths concepts presented in creative and engaging ways.  Below is a small selection of some of these projects.


    As a bonus, click on the link Behind The Scenes to watch a video and get an idea of the learning process.  Congratulations, what a great way to show teamwork and to give 110%!



  17. Some science inspiration!

    AMpMon, 24 Jun 2013 08:27:29 -040027Monday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Enjoy these awesome science videos to tide you over through the break.

    Watch them all at: Symphony of Science

  18. BTN: Student Responses

    AMpTue, 18 Jun 2013 06:54:40 -040054Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    A former US spy has revealed some secrets that have got a lot of people talking. Intelligence agencies in the states have been collecting people’s internet data and keeping a record of lots of their phone calls. He felt that was wrong so he told everyone about it. (Thanks BTN)

    Should government spy agencies collect peoples data and keep track of their telephone conversations?

    Is it right to sacrifice individual privacy in favour of group safety?

    Keeping an eye on you…

  19. Reflecting on our inquiry into media and PHPS

    AMpTue, 18 Jun 2013 06:42:30 -040042Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Think back on your experiences working with either film, logos or brochures and reflect on your learning in these areas.  Post your comments to share your opinions with the neighbourhood.


  20. I Am 11 DVD launch (invitation)

    AMpTue, 30 Apr 2013 05:40:29 -040040Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

     Toady I spoke to Genevieve Bailey who is an Australian film maker who also visited our school last year to talk about her new film. Princes Hill Primary  School students have been invited to the DVD launch  tomorrow night. I’m sorry for the short notice but only found out today.

    Readings, Carlton, 309 Lygon St, Carlton

    DVD LAUNCH – FIRST STOP? Readings Carlton May 1st
    Join us tomorrow, May 1, at Readings bookstore in Carlton at 6.30PM. Genevieve, Henrik and two children from the film will be there to meet you, sign DVDs, and to discuss the making of I AM ELEVEN. All welcome.

  21. String + Chalk = Perfect Circles & 90° angles.

    PMpSun, 24 Mar 2013 21:46:59 -040046Sunday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog


    A great day to explore the geometric possibilities presented by some simple string and chalk.  Following the creation of our perfect circles, their circumference and diameter were measured and checked against pi (3.14…) to see how ‘perfect’ they actually were.

  22. Collaborative Genius Hour Presentations

    AMpFri, 08 Mar 2013 04:05:57 -040005Friday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    What a great way to end the week.  Two home groups from the 5/6 neighbourhood joined together to present their weekly Genius Hour discoveries.

  23. Library News (Parent News)

    AMpMon, 18 Feb 2013 06:10:18 -040010Monday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Book Covering – Parent Helpers Needed            

    A trial is being undertaken to help boost our book covering. Boxes of new books requiring covering are available for Parents/Carers to take home and cover. Boxes can be collected from the Meeting Room opposite Julie’s office. A roll of covering material is provided. You’ll need your own scissors.
    Please sign out in the register provided, and sign in again when you return the covered books.
    Covering tips? See Mark or a Library Parent Helper.
    Any suggestions or queries, please contact Mark (available Tues. & Wed.)

  24. Premier’s Reading Challenge

    PMpMon, 27 Aug 2012 18:28:42 -040028Monday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    The deadline for submitting your Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) list of books is Monday 3 September.

    Please enter the books eligible for the PRC, which you have read, onto your login page at the PRC website.
    Then, print a list of books with your name on it and ask a parent/guardian to sign it. Give this signed printout to your Home Group Teacher (who will deliver it to Annette for verification purposes). Enjoy the Challenge!

  25. Alice in Wonderland: Word Cloud Grade 56M

    PMpTue, 26 Jun 2012 23:39:51 -040039Tuesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

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