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Student Leaders JSC

These three students spoke at our Information Session



Our student leadership team consists of eight students who were elected at the end of last year. All year 5s did a leadership training course in Term 4 with Tony and Mike. Some of us then decided to apply for the role of student leader for 2013. We put in applications, got shortlisted and were interviewed by a panel consisting of Esme, Tim, Anna Maria and two of last year’s student leaders.

We think this role is very important as it gives students an opportunity to influent decisions about our learning and our school. It gives the students a voice.



The Learning Agreement gives us an opportunity to manage our learning. It helps to personalise our learning. As the year progresses it is anticipated that students will have even more input into what goes onto the learning agreements.


JSC Projects

Late last year when we were preparing for the leadership role we discussed a range of projects that the Junior School Council might manage. We looked a running some lunchtime activities, which could include things such as table tennis, basketball, writing club. We think that these student-run activities would be popular with many children.

We also hope to run some fund raising activities throughout the year.


On the 1st March the eight Junior School Council student leaders will be attending the National Young Leaders Day at the Melbourne Convention Centre. This will give us even more insights into the many aspects of leadership and the skills require to be effective leaders.

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    yes i do think that food should be rated out of healthiness because it could trick someone with thinking that things that have things in the name like Vegetable or Fruit so its a good idea

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