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  1. A letter to Mr Abbott and Mr Rudd (By Seb)

    AMpWed, 14 Aug 2013 06:20:48 -040020Wednesday 14, 2009 by Grade56neighbourhood blog

    Dear Mr Rudd/Mr Abbott,

    I have noticed the tension in the labour party and it has definitely affected the productivity, now Kevin is in charge and thatís all over, so itís time for some policies to be established. Hereís what I recommend you make your priorities

    1: Asylum Seekers
    The PNG Plan was solving a problem, with yet another problem which does not seem like an advancement forward. So a new program should be established with an improved system to assess asylum seekers. Resettling refugees into big cities isnít good as you want refugees to be resettled into rural/remote towns where they will find it easy to be ďacceptedĒ into the community.

    2: Education
    Better schools for Australia planned to put Australia in the top 5 for education. that our ranking hasnít changed and it is important to have high pay employment for economic growth. So it does seen like the fate of Australia is up to the education service. Well it is. Gonski would be an important leap for Australia and its Economy

    3: Health
    Australiaís Emergency rooms just arenít cutting it. the waiting lists are very high for those needing operations and people dying in the hands of paramedics is becoming a big problem. Medicare, the public health service doesnít cover dental health and the price of dental equipment such as braces can cost up to $10,000. Also in the new ambulances from Mercedes Benz seem to be braking down which is another huge problem. All in all Australia needs to clean the health services, because at the moment things are looking a little bit sloppy


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